What Everyone Needs to Know: Why the Human Race has Only Recently Been Waking Up

What Everyone Needs to Know: Why Human Race Is Waking Up

William Eastwood at age seven in 1971.
W.E. age 7.

William Eastwood began his altruistic environmental work and life of humanitarian contribution at age 7.

After achieving his goal to help reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels and graduating as an environmental solar technician by age 18, Eastwood began to do something even more important for humanity.

“Fast forward 50 years, and you have a visionary who has dedicated his life to crafting a new science and philosophy, offering profound solutions to both personal and global challenges.” — Camille, The Edge Magazine.






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Who is William Eastwood?

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William Eastwood.


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What Everyone Needs to Know: Why the Human Race has Only Recently Been Waking Up

Our recent evolution, going back 5,000 years or more, represents the development of ego type awareness in a positive sense. We have deliberately created a sense of individuality or individual identity unlike animals which feel connected to the rest of nature. Animals do not have the sense of individuality we have and that is why when they look in the mirror it doesn’t really mean anything to them. This sense of individuality that we enjoy was a deliberate development but necessitated breaking ourselves off from our inner awareness and extended reality. The problem lies in the fact that we have carried this process of apparent separation for far too long. The Roman Empire and warring tribes or factions throughout the world represent the sense of ego separation from others.

Our sense of separation within our individual self upholds our current identity and is therefore complete and secure. Ego consciousness in a positive sense and individuality and identity is very secure at this time. We have succeeded in developing a new type of consciousness unlike animal consciousness. While seeing ourselves as individuals we must also now become aware of our inherent oneness and connection with others. When this happens, our conscious evolution will be complete, and our divisions will dissolve, and we will become as one world united.

Another way to put it is that the human race itself set out to develop a unique form of consciousness and identity and we have succeeded in that process. However, we are stuck in the process in that we are like a locomotive train barreling down the tracks. Our past beliefs and habits that have separated us control our thinking when we should have gone beyond the myths of the last 5,000 years.

David Bohm’s science recognizes that we are all part of one energy movement. What I teach shows that we are consciousness’ that create our reality by what we believe, think and feel. We must explore these important realizations. We must look inward for solutions rather than to the physical world. Solutions are not in the physical world, they are in our own inner world and the beliefs, thoughts and emotions we hold. This is the knowledge that we disowned in order to begin creating a sense of separation which incubated the type of consciousness we have now positively developed.

Our type of perception of individual identity is a positive thing but not if it is not balanced by a sense of unity and connection to others. It is not good to think that we have no connection and no power of creation. We create by what we think, and our primary reality is internal. This physical reality is the sideshow, not the primary reality. We are also a part of the one consciousness.

When we have divisiveness, it is because we are overprotective of our sense of separation and individual self at the expense of others, when it is truer to say that we are part of a cooperative venture in which our individual fulfillment contributes to the fulfillment of all. Anything that hurts an individual hurts all individuals because of our connectedness. You cannot gain by harming another or putting yourself at odds with others. This is the mistake we are making as a result of over-separation. It is if we are a train barreling down the tracks that we can’t seem to stop.

Go inward and realize that you are a part of and supported by the Divine consciousness of the whole. This intuitive realization will sustain you for the rest of your physical life. You are sustained and supported by the creative force of all of existence itself. You are good as all of reality is good. You are powerful as all of reality is powerful. You are safe as all of reality is safe. You are protected, powerful and creative. You are a portion of the force of all of reality and all that exists. You are not divided from this altruistic power; you are a part of it. There’s nothing to fear. You are forever protected, and your spirit cannot be harmed even if your physical body is threatened.

There are no real divisions. This is reflected in the fact that we must consume food and breathe air in order to survive. We are connected to everything and everything supports us.

Look at the true nature of consciousness which is altruistic. You are a beautiful and powerful consciousness. When you realize this and take control you do not want to harm others but want to share this realization and exalt in your powerful ability to create a positive reality for yourself and others that is deeply fulfilling and rewarding. This is how we fulfill ourselves and evolve to our next higher level in which we become co-creators aware of our multi-dimensional reality.

This needs to happen right now. The problems we are experiencing on our planet are due to the fact that we have not moved towards these realizations soon enough. It is a healing crisis. We are being forced to realize that we cannot harm the planet and others and continue. We must become aware of this inner truth or experience the peril of not doing so. It is a lesson that we must learn.

There is nothing to feel guilty about. We are riding on a raft of cultural beliefs and unwarranted guilt. We are not guilty sinners we are good souls. If we realize that we are good this will be reflected in our behavior and treatment of others. If we realize we are creating our reality, we will not fear that other people are stopping us for from pursuing our good. We will then cease to harbor ill feelings and resentments towards others.

Other people cannot harm or stop you because you are in full control of your own journey. You control the ship of your own life. People that are angry with you or strike out at you only inhibit their own growth and realization. They harm only themselves. They may influence others in a negative way but only if those others allow themselves to be influenced in a similar manner. It is correct to realize this in your dealings with them and to look the other way. If you do this properly without resentment and ill feelings, then they cannot harm you and you will continue to evolve in the proper positive direction regardless of what they attempt to do to stop or harm you. But do not assume that people are against you.

Our fellow humans are not against us, the thought that they are is an illusion or a delusion that is a product of our recent myths about reality and our recent separation from inner knowledge and awareness. The human race is with you and not against you. Your comrades and fellow creatures are supporting you. They want the best for you. On a physical level they may not believe this and thus may obscure this fact, but on a spiritual level this is exceedingly apparent and cannot be denied.

There is no “society verses the individual”

Society IS a collection of individuals.

There is no conflict between individual fulfillment and the collective fulfillment because society is a collection of individuals. The individual’s true good is society’s true good.

Consciousness is naturally altruistic. People naturally want to help others. It is only when we are unaware that others are good that problems arise. It is only when we are unaware of the power we hold to direct our life that we blame others for our problems. It is only when we feel deprived or judged negatively that we turn on others.

My ambition is to help society and the only way I can do that is to help the individual. When a person’s beliefs are accurate their good is society’s good and vice versa. There is no conflict between the individual’s good and the collective good.

My film will unite nations by having youth take their focus away from the kind of thinking that sees an enemy. There is no enemy. Only when everyone realizes that will we have peace.


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An iconoclast who helps people achieve their dreams

“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.”

— Albert Einstein.


Thought create fun dreams goals success
William Eastwood wants to tell you how you can have anything you want.


25 books by William Eastwood to fund our mission

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William Eastwood books to support the mission.


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Your opportunity to help create a great civilization.
Your opportunity to help create a great civilization.



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Eastwood family William age seven
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William Eastwood books to support the mission.
William Eastwood books to support the mission.


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What Everyone Needs to Know: Why the Human Race has Only Recently Been Waking Up

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