Why Hasn’t My Life Changed for the Better? Does Reality Ever Improve?

Why hasn't my life changed for the better after all my hard work and effort? Does reality ever improve?



Why Hasn’t My Life Changed for the Better? Does Reality Ever Improve?

  • Why hasn’t my life changed for the better?
  • Does reality ever improve?
  • After all my hard work, why haven’t I become a success? 

I will answer these questions now.

Why hasn’t my life changed for the better?

Why hasn't my life changed for the better? Does reality ever improve? Eastwood Inner UN.
Eastwood when he founded Earth Network.

The reason why your life hasn’t changed for the better is likely due to inaccuracies in public education. If this is the case, it isn’t your fault. You are responsible for your successes. Take a look at your best memories and times in your past when you were a success or achieved something special that you loved. Take a moment to do that now. 

You will probably notice that you changed your life for the better easily, without struggle. This is because we are taught to struggle in life, and this is where we go wrong. Effort and persistence are good and usually necessary, but pain and discomfort are not. 

People who are successful are not feeling that they are suffering. Most of them expect success and feel pleasure most of the time. You may wonder why this makes a difference. Success is all about your worldview. 

What most of us learned in school is not an accurate perspective of how reality works. To become successful and to achieve what you want in life with relative ease, you must use the proper methods based on the most accurate information you can obtain. It is necessary to look at everything before you can be certain that you are using the right methods based on the most accurate worldview. Once you have done that your confidence will rise and you will be able to apply yourself in a more effective way to achieve what you want with relative ease. 

You can certainly change your life for the better by making a few small changes in the way you think about reality. If you understand what the problem is, you can solve it.


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If you are not already familiar with metaphysics, it is worth your while to give it some consideration.  If you want to change your life for the better, you had better be somewhat open-minded. You cannot be harmed by considering something new. If you want to know why your life hasn’t changed for the better, you may want to look at the new science on this website.

If you are not sure if you are being misguided, take a look at recent discoveries in physics that validate the principles of success we hope to encourage you to apply here on this website.


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Does reality ever improve?

Reality does improve for those who understand or learn that reality is subjective. There is no physical reality in the terms that we have been taught through public education and through the influence of life and the people around us. 

When we understand what the problem is that may be holding us back, we can solve the problem. If you are one who is wondering why your life hasn’t changed for the better, or why you haven’t become a success after all your hard work, it may be that you were educated in the wrong paradigm. 


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A paradigm is a worldview or way of understanding something. The scientific paradigm of physicalism is a myth. The methods we are taught from society are based on physicalism. Did you know that there is a new scientific paradigm that people in every country are paying close attention to? 

Reality will change for the better when people are willing to look at reality differently. Your reality is a reflection of your worldview, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. This is explained in great detail in the many free articles on our six affiliated websites that are available to you now.


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After all my hard work, why haven’t I become a success?

If your life hasn’t changed for the better despite all your hard work, and if you are wondering why you haven’t become a success after all your hard work, then it probably makes sense to look at the value of hard work. How effective is hard work in procuring success? It probably seems like a stupid question because everyone says that the only way to get ahead is through hard work. 

In America today, however, there are many problems. There is more violence in America than most other countries. Americans incarcerate a higher percentage of their population than any other country on earth. It is well known that Americans are not as happy as most other people are in other countries. Americans are also less healthy and experience more stress than those in other countries. Homelessness is on the rise in America because people can’t make enough money to survive. 

America is experiencing many problems despite the fact that Americans work very hard and work long work weeks compared to those in other countries. Americans not only work harder than most people, but they have the technology, advantages and benefits that should enable every citizen to become wealthy. Given these facts, it may be worth your while to consider that something may be inherently wrong with the values in America; and not necessarily just in America. 

Wherever physicalism rules, which is basically everywhere and in every country, people are under the presumption that hard work delivers success. But hard work does not bring success if it is not accompanied by the proper worldview and thinking. The only reason why hard work brings success is because people believe it does and our beliefs, thoughts and emotions create our reality. 


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In America we have a meritocracy. In a meritocracy a person advances according to his achievements rather than his status or other factors. However, advancement in a meritocracy depends on the values in that meritocracy.  The American meritocracy values hard work and struggle because it is believed that hard work and struggle are the natural way to achieve success. Americans have learned this from the theory of evolution and methods based on it. 

Religious and scientific values instilled in us when we were young by elders in previous generations are all based on physicalism. Physicalism, however, is a myth.

Why hasn’t my life changed for the better? Does reality ever improve?


Why hasn't my life changed for the better? Does reality ever improve? After all my hard work, why haven't I become a success? 


How to get out of hell

If you want to get out of any unwanted circumstance, you can do so by recognizing the power of your thoughts and applying thought in a certain specific way. Because our civilization does not recognize or educate children as to the power they have over situations, this knowledge is not generally known. This is the reason why Earth-Network.org was created.

You are in control of your experience. At any time, matter can be completely changed by the activation of conscious thought. Your environment is a product of your thoughts and emotions. By projecting the specific thoughts and emotions that embody your desires you can immediately begin a process of change.

Begin with affirmations and a new worldview.

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Mainstream values tend to stress the value of hard work along with a materialistic and outward oriented focus. Those who are perceived as having merit within the value system of our culture are most heavily scripted in conventional ideas. Attorneys and doctors, for example, are most apt to adhere to the official worldview of mechanistic science and Darwinism.

In today’s globalized competitive world there is an enormous amount of pressure for outward achievement, from parents, peers and society in general. This is where our cultural and social directives go wrong.

These demands are far too much. This is doubly true when we do not understand that our thoughts create our reality. Without application of conscious creation there is little chance of effortless flow and achievement.


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Our meritocracy is responsible for creating the chaos and negative circumstances people find themselves trapped within. If you want to get out of hell, you can, but you must learn a more effective philosophy than that which is based on physicalism.

“Our traditional beliefs about human nature are creating a downward spiral of thinking and behavior. However, as more and more people realize what is happening and abandon those beliefs, they begin climbing. Everything then changes in their lives.”

— Eastwood.

We get trapped in the responsibilities the meritocracy generates. We are too busy surviving to be able to concentrate on our inner journey and learning. But it is precisely that inner work that will allow us to escape the cycle.




Most people are not looking inward for answers because the meritocracy stresses busyness and an outward focus.

You can choose to be weak and you can be a victim, or you can change your reality by owning you true power. Distinguish yourself from those who believe they are victims of their own life, physical reality, other people, circumstances and everything under the sun.


“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

— Albert Einstein


What is an inner judge?

The inner bad judge is a group of negative beliefs that hold you to unreasonable values, demanding too much and misleading you. These beliefs can feel like they are strangling the life out of you. Simply recognizing this fact can impel you to change your focus to more positive ideas, hence redirecting your life immediately.

But becoming positive is not always easy when we have a bad inner judge. So, what do we do to get rid of this inner bad judge?

We begin with learning and application of affirmations to change our beliefs and reality. We have four daily affirmation and guidance pages that are designed to help you do precisely that at no charge to you.


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Introduction to concepts.


You are in control, and if you can create your problems by what you think you can also create all your dreams! You must simply learn to take control of each little thought as it comes into your mind, and you must do this consistently.



Kindness and human charity matter.


Thoughts do create matter: William Eastwood manifests treasure at age 7
Eastwood, age 7.

At age seven I told my friend, If you do good things, good things will happen to you,” as I pointed to a rock in an old stone wall and asked him to hand it to me. We had collected roadside trash and put it in a depression in the ground. We had been cleaning up a local road after school back in 1970, before the environmental movement even began.

I dropped the rock on the trash to conceal it (all that we knew to do at that age). With the trash buried, I turned to look at my friend. There had been a shoe box filled with old coins behind the rock I had asked for and he had the coins spread out on top of the stone wall. We filled our pockets and headed home to tell everyone we had discovered treasure! It was one of the moments you can never forget and perhaps the best day of my early childhood.



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Why Hasn’t My Life Changed for the Better? Does Reality Ever Improve?

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