What is Causing Depression & Suicide in Children, Teens and Adults? Why Are We Unhappy?

What is Causing Depression & Suicide in Children, Teens Adults? Why Are We Unhappy? The mental health crisis is unnecessary.
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Governments, psychologists and educators do not teach children the proper way to use their mind. Very few institutions teach the law of attraction and how to focus the mind. Nor is the proper science being taught. It would be very simple to create a generation of happy, healthy children. Simply distribute our book to friends, family and institutions.


What is Causing Depression and Suicide in Children, Teens and Adults? Why Are We Unhappy?

  • What is causing more depression and suicide in children, teens and adults?
  • Why is this a global problems? What is the cause?
  • Why are children, teens and adults more unhappy in America? 

I will answer these questions now.

What is Causing Depression and Suicide In Children, Teens and Adults? UN. Why Are We Unhappy?
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Why is this a global problems? What is the cause?

The problem is not just in America, but is worldwide. Mental Health — anxiety and depression symptoms among people in Singapore alone are estimated at  nearly $16 billion a year, or about 2.9 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product. There is a solution and we have it.

The problem is not in details but in the false premise of international worldviews. An overall negativity pertaining to human nature is like a virus that has given rise to false theories in all philosophies worldwide.

“Cognitive dissonance is not an isolated factor but is the primary factor behind all social disease and problems, including the reported fivefold increase in suicide among 10 to 12-year-olds. The facts and studies show that it’s not too much social media, but the opposite, the regressive, conservative values that attempt to block new knowledge that underlies the problem of children taking their lives. But everyone is listening to the psychologists who are most heavily scripted in the philosophy that is the actual cause of the problem, which is why civilization is threatened. This is what is causing depression and suicide in children, teens and adults.

— William Eastwood.


What is Causing Depression and Suicide in Children, Teens and Adults?

What is Causing Depression and Suicide In Children, Teens and Adults? WE UN
William Eastwood.

Among 10 to 12-year-olds in America, suicidal overdoses increased from 1,058 in 2010 to 5,606 in 2020 — a fivefold increase. Suicide has become the second leading cause of premature death among youth ages 10 to 24; and the leading cause of death among teens ages 13 to 14. Recent studies shows that the increase in suicide attempts started well before the pandemic.

Is the spread of ideas and socialization really the problem? Many have pointed to social media platforms used by teens, including Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Tumblr, yet the deaths are correlated with rural regions where traditional values have a stronghold.

The U.S. Census reports most increases in the Northeast, Midwest, South and West.

More specifically, the Trevor Project in 2022 found that 45% of all LGBTQIA+ youth seriously considered suicide within the past year. Suicides amongst Black youth are also at risk.

Look at the facts. The highest teenage suicide rates are in Colorado (21.2 deaths per 100,000 youths), New Mexico (21.9), Montana (30.3), South Dakota (33.6), and Alaska with 39.8 deaths per 100,000 youths. These statistics come from the latest CDC data. The higher suicide rates are in the mountain states and specifically in rural and often isolated communities. Youth in these areas often do not even have internet access. Whereas in cities, where internet use is the highest, suicide rates are the lowest.

Relatively isolated groups, such as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, strongholds of evangelical Christian practice, Native Americans, and farmlands in the Great Plains have the highest teen suicide rates.

In these cultural strongholds traditional values and infrastructure limitations most strongly prevent teenagers from accessing social media and youth in these areas face more pressure to conform to traditional religious and gender roles. In these rural communities the gun culture is pronounced and teens may have difficulty finding others to socialize with. All of these factors increase the risk levels for taking one’s own life and all of these factors correlated with traditional values that are threatened by information gained through access to social media and the internet.

If anything, the solution is internet access rather than the reverse.

Traditional paradigms and values are what is causing depression and suicide in children, teens and adults. The internet is a tool to get out from under the ideas that are causing their depression and instead educate themselves and enjoy life.

We should be looking at belief systems rather than details such as “quality of experience when one is spending time viewing a phone.” The impact of cultural values has a far greater effect than any other isolated health factors. The problem is systemic.

Culture has attempted to disallow the natural human being. The mainstream view denies the powerful good self. There is a war on all things good and natural, powerful and constructive. Just take a look in the book I am offering to solve the problem of depression. You cannot read my book and be depressed at the same time.


In conventional though, everything is an addiction or vice, nothing right is considered right. Human nature itself is being attacked.


The free book below could largely solve the problem if it were distributed within schools.

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Children are dying

Attempted suicide by children, ages 10 to 12, has shown a 73% increase in the U.S.  The problem is not exclusive to the U.S. Mental health expenditures in Singapore, for example, are estimated at nearly $16 billion a year, (a nation of only 5.5 million people).


There is an intrinsic error in the way we think or the problem would not be appearing in every nation.



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Worldviews are causing depression and suicide in children, teens and adults.

Cultural worldviews are what is causing depression and suicide in children, teens and adults?
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The main article resumes.

PEN America, a free speech advocacy organization, identifies at least 50 different groups involved in local and state-level efforts to ban books. The wave of objecting to books has to do mostly with sexuality and LGBTQ people. These cultures correlate with the above mentioned regions that have the highest teen suicide rates.

The book ban increase is due to a larger movement. Public objection to new ideas that threaten traditional values comes from conservative worldviews. Kids are glued to the internet and social media because they are attempting to find a way out of the hell they are in and in the rural bible belt communities there is no way out and so that is where suicide rates are the highest.


What is Causing Depression & Suicide In Children, Teens and Adults? Why Are We Unhappy? Cults
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What is Causing the Rise in Depression and Suicide In Children, Teens and Adults?

Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions can and do create your reality
William Eastwood.

Contemporary psychology, which is based on physicalism, is focused on everything wrong with human nature. This causes more depression and suicide in children, teens and adults. I will not blame any particular group. The entire civilization is based on a firm premise in the unreliability of human nature. We are not physical beings in an accidentally created universe, but highly intelligent soft technology that is so advanced that it is possible to blind ourselves.



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What is Causing Depression and Suicide in Children, Teens and Adults? Why Are We Unhappy?

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