Does Druid Magic & Wizards of the Order of Merlin Exist? Royal Descent & Secret Knowledge

Does Druid Magic Wizards Order of Merlin Exist Secret Knowledge
William Eastwood consciousness creates reality

The founder of Earth Network, William Eastwood, worked for a Yale University professor on a secret invention at a private research and development facility at age 13. His interview is in the United States library system microfilm database public record.

William Eastwood says you are a genius even if you do not realize that you are!


“Fast forward 50 years, and you have a visionary who has dedicated his life to crafting a new science and philosophy, offering profound solutions to both personal and global challenges.” — Camille, The Edge Magazine.




Does Druid Magic & Wizards of the Order of Merlin Exist? Royal Descent & Secret Knowledge

  • Does Druid magic and wizards of the Order of Merlin exist?
  • What is royal descent and secret knowledge?


Druid magic and secret knowledge

Does Druid Magic power & Wizards Order of Merlin Exist? Secret Knowledge
Order of Merlin secret knowledge.

Druid magic and secret knowledge work best when you create a feeling of the wish fulfilled. Learn to bring what you want into existence with your mind. Once something is thought and imagined, it exists. When focused on and believed in according to the proper principles I share on my daily affirmation posts, it can become real in the physical world.

Raise your energy by doing this in a playful way, as if you were playing a game of make-believe. Be what you want to be or where you want to be in your imagination.

If you try too hard to make the principle work, it can backfire. If you contrast what you want with what you have, it will make you miserable. If you then go to work and struggle, getting tired and being unhappy, you will manifest more of what you don’t want.

Joy is a weapon to bring about what you want.

You have an inner system of communication that is superior to communication on physical levels. The inner communication system works automatically at all times while you are living your life. It will put you in contact with the resources you need. It will connect you to unlimited secret inner knowledge and the powerful and honorable members of your family of consciousness.

You have an inner alliance whether you are aware of it or not. Be they wizards of nobility or creation, they have expansive knowledge they would love to share with you. They cannot until you ask. Acknowledge your powerful family of consciousness and the people you have known and will know for eternity. Then ask for their assistance for whatever you want.



“With great confidence, I swung my arm in front of me, throwing a great emerald-green lightning bolt over tables, benches and people in a castle great room. I felt great joy and power in my display that terrorized the stunned townsfolk. It was the Middle Ages.  I felt as if I were a great wizard.” — William Eastwood.



Taken from: IS TIME TRAVEL POSSIBLE? Eastwood’s Accounts



A website article.


Many humans have forgotten their inner power and secret wisdom in the great sleep and forgetfulness. The world is in a dangerous trance and have forgotten who they are.

Druid magic and secret inner knowledge is within all families. Each person has the abilities inherent in the universe. You can develop any skill, knowledge or wisdom you want by intending it with your powerful consciousness and then following through, and paying attention to what makes your feel good and what you are attracted to. The universe tells you what to do through attraction and joy. What you love and are attracted to is your path. This is Druid magic and secret inner knowledge you have and can own and claim.


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Druid magic and wizards of the Order of Merlin do exist

Does Druid Magic & Wizards of the Order of Merlin Exist? Secret Power Knowledge
William Eastwood.

Druid magic does exist and is given below. Wizards of the order of Merlin do exist. Arthur was great because he united kingdoms. His eternal legacy is awakening again because it is time to unite the kingdoms (countries) of earth as one.

King Henry II claims to have discovered King Arthur’s grave and taken possession of Excalibur. But he did not lay claim to the power and protection Excalibur was said to provide. Thus, the blessing of King Arthur’s legend and legacy is available for the taking for any true blood descendant of Henry II.


Royal descent and secret knowledge

I am a blood descendant of the Plantagenet Dynasty of 14 kings and King Henry II. Merlin’s magic and secret knowledge, King Arthur’s pure goodness and glory, and Excalibur’s power and protection will be called upon to create a new era for humankind. One hundred years from now this time period will be the greatest legend in recorded history.

Arthur’s grave was discovered on the Isle of Avalon (now called Glastonbury). On a large stone cross was carved “I have seen,” followed by “Here lies buried the famous King Arthur with Guinevere, his second wife, in the isle of Avalon.”

Because he found Excalibur, Henry was the heir to Arthur’s magic power and secret knowledge that Excalibur represented. But legend has it that if one does not accept the magic power, it is available to any blood descendant.

Does Druid magic and wizards of the order of Merlin exist? Secret inner knowledge
Excalibur power & protection.

The time to unite the world with Arthur’s unfailing and altruistic power and energy has come. The true glory and honorable legend of King Arthur, the great magician Merlin and the magic and protection of Excalibur will be made known to all. This is humankind at its best, and this is what I am aiming to recreate with “The Altruism Code…” (a constitution for a united world of honorable and good people) and my other books and writings.

This reemergence may not be in the form of a public announcement but a spreading of inner magic power and secret wisdom through the internet and social media. We will do that to unite the world and shift humanity to a course only equal to the glory of the events in the King Arthur legend and in the accounts of the round table of honorable knights.

Merlin was a great magician, prophet, and adviser to British kings. Such is the power and value of true Druid magic and real secret inner knowledge. Now that magic power and secret wisdom is needed to heal humanity and the earth. It is hereby given to you so that you may grow to be powerful and glorious in your deeds and actions. You will thus deliver the human race from the mire and stench of its current myths into the glory and heights equal only to the legend of King Arthur and his round table of honorable knights.

Here I bestow the official secret knowledge upon you. Druid magic and secret knowledge are yours to keep; do them honor. For you shall be a powerful and great creator in all your days on earth and beyond.



William Eastwood in his 20s in Florida
William Eastwood.

His mission is to help you!

Solve any problem!

Achieve any goal!

Science with a heart and soul!




Free daily affirmations and guidance

Affirmations and daily guidance.
William Eastwood affirmations & the way to success posted daily.


The secret power of your life.
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Forgetting your inner power and secret inner knowledge does not make it go away. But people need someone to awaken it within them. There are families that pass down ancient Druid magic and secret knowledge. The legend of King Arthur, Merlin and Excalibur are carriers of powerful ancient magic and Druid magic that exists within you. They will awaken that power, knowledge and magic which is yours to claim.

Does Druid magic and wizards of the order of Merlin exist? Secret inner knowledge
Excalibur power & protection.

The basis of Druid magic is held in the heart of the secret knowledge of wizards of the order of Merlin. Keeper of the knowledge and powerful magic are with and among you. The great magician Merlin is one who knows truth, and therefore possesses natural power and protection. This is what Excalibur represents. Those who use the power for good are under the protection of the wizards of the order of Merlin and Excalibur, and the power of King Arthur.

Granted safe are thee. Do good things and good things will happen to you.

Common ignorance (physicalism) has no power. Truth is power. Half-truths are dangerous. Myths are held when a man, woman and child have forgotten their true heritage and the powerful and knowledgeable families of consciousness to which they belong. You are as great as King Arthur and his honorable knights of the round table. But you must believe you are to be true to the greatness of who you are.

When you are inspired and/or focused on what you want with the feeling of the wish fulfilled, you utilize powerful inner channels of communication to draw to you everything you need to manifest what you want. The altruistic energy movement is connected to all. All great consciousness are accessible. All that is needed is an energy match, like a tuning fork setting off another by having equal resonance. This is Druid magic and secret inner knowledge held in the heart of the order of Merlin, keepers of the secrets and powers.

With application of Druid magic and secret knowledge you can learn how to create synchronicity. This is the secret at the basis of ancient Druid magic. You can make things happen with your thoughts. 

Druid magic and wizards of the order of Merlin do exist. The magic is real. The legends are true. Merlin was a great magician because he made things happen with his thoughts.


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The communication system in inner reality is far superior to our physical systems of communications. You are always in contact with other people on inner levels of reality. When you think about what you want with strong emotion attached, you immediately put yourself in contact with certain people and similar energies through inner channels. 

Thinking of solutions will put you in touch with solutions. Thinking of problems will put you in touch with problems. Thinking of debt will create more debt. Thinking of prosperity will create more prosperity.

Create a positive focus on prosperity and honor and you will create prosperity and honor. This is what my daily affirmation posts do. This is your training in the Druid magic and secret knowledge that exists within you. The words will resonate with your inner knowledge to awaken it and make you the powerful magic soul you already are in your simultaneous future blueprint that is a consciousness model of your ideal self that you are growing into in each lifetime. Knowing this Druid secret knowledge will awaken your knightliness and elevate you to the order of Merlin and the knights of the round table.

When you struggle to create a project or achieve a goal and become uncomfortable or begin doubting, you create static on the inner channel. The doubts you entertain and the static you produce are conveyed to others and communication on this level becomes unclear.

When you are inspired and know exactly what you want and clearly intend it, there is little or no static and communication with others is crystal clear.

Conflicting intents and beliefs scatter energy. Focus your will and intent and be powerful like King Arthur and the order of Merlin.

The laws that govern inner reality are different from the laws that govern our physical reality. Nothing happens on that level unless people willingly choose to participate. To create your goal is to attract willing participants. 

When you have clear intent and clear emotions, you attract others who want to participate in your project or help you achieve your goal. These people will have their own reasons for being a part of whatever project you are working on. They will benefit in some way and that is why they are attracted to what you are putting out in energy on inner levels according to what you are thinking, believing and focusing on emotionally with your intellect. This is the secret inner magic of Druids and the round table of King Arthur’s knights.

Druid wisdom and secret knowledge may sound a bit complicated only because it goes against our cultural concept that we have to struggle and work hard for things. What I just described is actually a very simple process. Create a lot of inspiration, enjoy yourself, live a balanced life and focus on what you want more than on work if that work is not your end goal.

Working a lot is okay as long as you focus from time to time on the goal with a state of inspiration. Do not sleep to who you are. Druid magic and secret inner knowledge work best when you create a feeling of the wish fulfilled and know who you are. You belong to a powerful inner family of wizards who will help you with anything you want if you realize that they exist and if you ask for help with the faith that it will be provided in time and through mysterious means.


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Master Principle & Formula to Create Gold with your thoughts.
Gold Formula.

An iconoclast who helps people achieve their dreams

Master Alchemist secrets
William Eastwood.

“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.” 

— Albert Einstein. 


Druid magic and secret inner knowledge will serve as a basis for a new civilization.


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King Arthur was one of honor and virtue. He represents everything good in humankind. That goodness and its magic power is going to be put to use for the greatest purpose imaginable. His is the energy that is needed at this time in history. It rises now in you.


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Inner magic power and secret knowledge

Does Druid magic and wizards of the order of Merlin exist? Secret inner knowledge
Excalibur power & protection.

There are two levels of reality: there’s our world’s familiar external science and actions on that level, but there is also internal science and actions on inner levels. This is inner Druid magic and secret inner knowledge that you can experience firsthand. To change the world (and also your own life), this inner level is the more effective level to work on because it is the source of the physical world. The events you see on the news are a result of the work done on inner levels.

This is where you can directly impact world events, but it is not a physical location, rather it is within you. The events you experience are formed within the dream state and on even deeper levels. These are the levels the Druids and order of Merlin worked on to create the legend and the round table of knights who brought all into one and one to all.


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Internal Science is Druid knowledge

Internal Science is the study of the inner reality that forms the physical universe. It is an ancient inner secret knowledge that has been forgotten. Physical instruments cannot reach this level of nonphysical reality, and so in those terms it is an area of study orthodox science is currently unable and unwilling to study. Muggles they be, horrific to me.


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The secret inner knowledge of the Druids is alive and is a part of who you are. Each person projects their own reality, but each person’s physical experience is being projected by their consciousness into a shared stage or platform that is defined by its frequency rather than physical boundaries.

When you look around you and realize that you are in a manufactured dream, it is a fantastic realization that gives you control over events. If you are creating your reality, it means that you can take control of the process and project only those events you want to experience. This is what Merlin learned to do and this is what the order of Merlin is all about.

It’s what my daily affirmation and guidance post helps you to do.


William Eastwood consciousness creates reality
Eastwood, 1979.

The daily affirmation page teaches you how to create the events you want with your thoughts. If you read the affirmations on the affirmation page first thing when you wake up, you will change what happens on that day. If you continue every morning, you will change your whole life. But if you don’t go to this page, don’t follow your intuition, or don’t apply the principles, nothing will happen.

“Political, scientific, religious, educational, medical and economic forces in our society are telling you that there is something wrong with you. I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you — that’s contemporary superstition being projected.” — William Eastwood.

A MENU of 500+ FREE ARTICLES by Eastwood.


Many people have had lucid dreams. A lucid dream happens when you are dreaming and suddenly wake up in the dream and realize that you are in a dream and that you are creating the dream. It is a fantastic moment and a good time to have some fun and learn at the same time.

You can also wake up in your physical life by realizing that you are in a dream you are creating. You are dreaming a physical dream. This is Druid inner secret wisdom.

The dream is your life. Make it a lucid dream and make it go your way. The dream is real because it is physical, but physical reality is your consciousness projecting a hologram you are in.

The way humans think now will be considered primitive superstition in about 25 years.

Does Druid Magic & Wizards Order of Merlin Magician Exist?
Does Druid magic and the Order of Merlin exist?

There is no complete world that exerts its force on you. Instead, you are in a hologram created by your own consciousness. The similarities in everyone’s projections are due to the rules of the game. To enter physical reality, you must agree to the terms, such as the position of continents, the seasons, time and space coordinates and so on. There are also natural laws like gravity and the law of attraction. If you take these laws into consideration and work with them, your life will be far different than if you do not.

The order of Merlin is ancient but it is also created from the future.

Collective events are those on the news, but they cannot harm you if you understand the basics.

Your inner world of beliefs, thoughts and emotions gives rise to your current personal life situation. The economy and outside forces are not where our shortfalls and problems originate, yet the outer forms are contributing to our problems because they have an influence on our thinking as the secret inner knowledge I am imparting to you reveals.


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The world is in a trance

Socrates was made to drink poison Hemlock as punishment for corrupting Athenian youth by teaching them to question the status quo. The Socrates school was burned to the ground.

This is not a phenomenon exclusive to the past, it is still happening today and is the reason why science has failed us. This is why the order of Merlin has been kept secret. Druid magic, power and knowledge has not been known to all.


Earth network presents the dragon slayer
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Druids and the order of Merlin know what modern science has forgotten.


“Scientific orthodoxy admits that it does not know what an electromagnetic field is. Because everything physical is composed of electromagnetic fields, they are therefore saying that they do not know what anything is.” — Eastwood.


If thoughts formed matter and reality, wouldn’t science know?

Mind forms matter presents the facts: Science admits that it doesn't know what anything is.
Since everything is electromagnetic energy and science does not know what electromagnetic energy is, scientists don’t know what anything is.

The scientific establishment does not know what an electromagnetic field is, and since everything is an electromagnetic field, the science most of us grew up with does not know what ANYTHING is.

If you ask a scientist what an electromagnetic field is, 99% will say “it is a fundamental entity, it’s not made of anything else, it just is what it is.” They leave that question to philosophers because they cannot answer it.

The world is in chaos because secret inner knowledge has been forgotten in the big sleep.


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“If you want to know how thought produces physical existence, you have to step outside of physicalism. The medium in which we exist is a field of infinite potential composed of intelligent energy that does our will. On deeper levels of consciousness your thoughts create your reality, and my thoughts create my reality.”

— William Eastwood.



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We are magicians like Merlin the great wizard

Does Druid Magic & Wizards of the Order of Merlin Exist? Royal Secret Knowledge
The Order of Merlin secret knowledge.

Your Consciousness is imbued with the ability and desire to create anything and everything. What is not well understood in our times is that we literally create everything we experience. We are magicians or wizards like Merlin.

We learned the methods of creation so long ago they have become subconscious, and we have forgotten that we are the creators of our entire reality. 

We are hypnotized by the illusion we see even while physicists tell us that nothing is solid. We just can’t seem to accept the facts that are right in front of us because of generations of programming. Physical reality certainly seems real. The reality in which we exist just attests to the incredible magic ability of consciousness — our own consciousness. 

The legend of Merlin is real in the heart of the mind and within deep levels of consciousness. That energy, like any secret knowledge within, can be called upon in times of need.

Our physical reality here on earth is the location we have chosen to think things into existence. We came here with great excitement and high expectations that we would become like the great magician Merlin and would create things as great as the knights of the round table.

Everything we experience we create. Our system of reality is like a school classroom where we are learning about our consciousness and how to project our thoughts and emotions into physical form. What we see around us is not an objective, solid environment existing independently of us, but is instead the materialization of our own thoughts and emotions. We are looking at our mental environment projected into form.

Does Druid magic and wizards of the order of Merlin exist? Secret inner knowledge
Excalibur power & protection.

This is the inner wisdom and secret knowledge I impart that comes from the line of consciousness to which I belong. It is the secret Druid magic and wisdom that is carried in the nonphysical cells that form the physical cells in my blood and DNA. I am a descendant of King Henry II and the wisdom in me includes the wisdom in all that have come before and will come again.

The reality around you is not even one place where all souls inhabit. Instead, each person is constructing their own private time-space continuum. Events are symbolic interpretations of non-physical events that initially occur outside of time-space in a psychological context.  King Arthur is far more than the legend imparts. He is a multidimensional consciousness in many realities. Physical events are a selection of probable events existing in an inner field of reality we have become blind to.

It is as if we are the wizards in the order of Merlin, but of even greater magical skill and ability. Most people on earth today cannot awaken to these fantastic facts of our wizard-like ability and magical inner powers of creation. The fact that our reality is a projection of our mind is just too fantastic and too good in comparison to what they have hypnotized themselves into believing for the greater part of their existence here on earth.

As this knowledge becomes known, the King Arthur energy rises. As people accept their goodness and inner knowledge, they will enjoy incredible benefits.

Does Druid Magic & Wizards Order of Merlin Magician Exist?
Does Druid magic and the Order of Merlin exist?

When you accept that you create your reality you can seize the moment and construct anything you desire. You can use the system the way it was designed to be used, as a way to learn how to project your subjective energy constructively in ways that benefit you and others. It is a reality that is meant to be enjoyed.

The  uniting of countries is about to take place. The legend of King Arthur was great because he was the one who united all kingdoms. This is what must be done now, and this is why secret Druid magic and inner knowledge is rising now.

The world is not a place of suffering and struggle unless we believe it is and create that as our reality. Fulfillment of desire and pleasure are the main factors that lead to fulfillment and learning, which is contrary to mainstream beliefs, social values and conditioning.

Your beliefs determine your thoughts and emotions. Druid magic and secret wisdom is all about learning and changing beliefs.

The purpose of affirmations is to lead you out of the misconceptions that rule the mind and limit what you can experience. Society as a whole has adopted a nightmare in its sleeping trance. All of reality is a product of mental suggestion.  Affirmations are purposeful mental suggestion that can be used to give you back control of creation so that you can be the kind of wizard who is proud of what he or she has created in life.



I will help you

William Eastwood in his 20s in Florida
William Eastwood.

You can extract yourself from the most difficult circumstances, and you can manifest your dreams and goals.

If you read the affirmations on the affirmation page first thing when you wake up, you will change what happens on that day. If you continue every morning, you will change your whole life. But if you don’t go to this page, don’t follow your intuition, or don’t apply the principles, nothing will happen.

Click the icon below for the affirmation page.


Affirmations and daily guidance.
William Eastwood affirmations & the way to success posted daily.


Most of us think that we achieve our goals through our actions in physical reality. As a result, we struggle with limited means at our disposal to create what we want. We may make phone calls, build physical structures or do what we think we need to do to create our objective. Everything we do on the physical level of reality however, is far inferior to what we can achieve when we are aware of the communication system and creative power of the inner system of reality through which we create this physical reality.

There are powerful families of consciousness. You have help and inner knowledge. We are at all times in correspondence with all souls and all resources that could potentially help us to create what we want. By using the inner field of probabilities to select the events we desire we can almost immediately create what we want when we know how.

Mastery as a wizard like the great Merlin the magician is achieved in this way. We are creators who have become so good at what we do that we have forgotten that this is a play we have created. We have been fooled by our own creations. Now is the time to own up to the immense power and ability we possess, and to project our energy into the most fantastic and fulfilling events imaginable.

King Arthur did and so did the Druids.

We can barely conceive of the nature of the reality we will soon be creating as individuals and as a civilization. We are eternal, we are the wizards who create the reality we are experiencing, and we are Gods in training. 

Personally, I think we need to stop stressing over our limitations and what we do not want long enough to allow the universe to drop its magic into our laps. There are infinite probabilities that are at our disposal. When we relax and stop hammering at reality to deliver, we can receive fulfillment in unexpected fortunate events because this is just the way the universe works. We are an individualized extension of the entire consciousness of reality.

Merlin knew this and this is why he was so powerful and in demand in the court of King Arthur.

We are connected to everything, and we are an altruistic inner consciousness that serves up whatever we desire on a silver platter to our physical selves who appear to be cut off from the extensive self within. Our entire earthly reality is about to be transformed and will be to the extent that we can escape the negative and limiting beliefs of our ancestors and cultural upbringing. Now is the time for magic. 

Excalibur is the power and protection of those on the mission of the order of Merlin and the doers of good who bring countries together into one like the great leader King Arthur did.

My own magic inner journeys

International Philosophy is Druid magic and secret knowledge based on my studies of the inner level of reality which gives rise to the physical universe.


Anyone can learn to explore their inner reality with practice
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When you learn to control your thoughts and keep them focused in a particular positive way, you take a giant leap in your life. Most people cannot do this and never learn how to create beautiful events in life.



Create anything you want LIKE MAGIC

Click on our affirmation page once or twice a day, or as time allows when it is convenient for you to do so. It is the best habit you can possibly develop if you want your life to work.

By taking a few seconds to read through affirmations, instantaneous connections are made to your best memories and most powerful experiences on a subconscious level. This allows for positive energy and ideas to enter your consciousness and find a way to change your state of mind, increase your enthusiasm, and motivate you and change your circumstances for the better. Just reading lists of affirmations daily can make a huge difference in your life, keeping you positive, strong, on-track to your goals, balanced and consistent. Most importantly, positive thoughts — focused on in specific ways — will manifest desirable changes in your life. I am providing you with a path to success like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Your life is a projection of the life-force within inner levels of your being we reach with certain affirmations. This is living energy that does your will. This is not a frivolous activity, rather, it is the most logical and direct path to eliminating blocks and achieving your goals. In the same way that good food helps your body, these affirmations give you life-force substance that begins building events in the direction you choose. It’s how you control and direct your life, and in this case for the better.

If you follow my advice and apply these processes correctly, you absolutely will transform your life like magic. It is all done on my free daily affirmation and guidance page.

If you want to clear your mind of that which does not serve you and manifest your dreams and goals as fast and efficiently as possible, you may want to get our audio goal-delivery system from Audible (this is not available through our books channel).



Make This Day the Best Day Possible!

And make your life the best life possible!


Are you too busy to read a book?

There’s a fast and powerful way to manifest your goals!

When I was in an impossible situation, I created a series of powerful affirmations to escape the predicament I was in. They worked so well that I still use them today. I have made them available in two books primarily.


How do I make this the best day possible?

“How do I make this the best day possible?” should be the first question you ask yourself every day. Your subconscious and inner self will immediately begin searching for the answer to that question, which is the most valuable thing you can know, especially first thing in the morning. That information will come to you as intuition or in some other way. It could happen immediately or over a period of time.

By saying the affirmations in this book and listening to it you begin a powerful inner process that actualized your goals and dreams. Always remember that your thoughts create your reality, not past events. Be reminded of important facts like this by listening to this powerful audio book. You do not have to do anything but feel the magic in the moment, listen to this audiobook and the powerful affirmations in it to begin to change your day and then your life.


50 years of research go into every book!

“How do I make this the best day possible? — Manifest While You Sleep”

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manifesting metaphysics audiobook William Eastwood
An audio goal delivery system by William Eastwood.


Manifesting technology! An audio goal delivery system by William Eastwood.

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  • This book contains the amazingly effective affirmations developed by William Eastwood and posted on the Earth Network daily affirmation pages.


Also available in eBook format

The eBook is the same book. It also can be read aloud to you with most programs and apps.

Eastwood manifest while you sleep learn
Ebook version of audio book.


“How Do I Make This the Best Day Possible? Manifest While You Sleep.”






I will help you

William Eastwood in his 20s in Florida
William Eastwood.

“My daily affirmation page teaches you how to create the events you want with your thoughts. If you read the affirmations on the affirmation page first thing when you wake up, you will change what happens on that day. If you continue every morning, you will change your whole life. But if you don’t go to this page, don’t follow your intuition, or don’t apply the principles, nothing will happen.”


Any dream, no matter what it is, can be made real.


Eastwood family William age seven
From left to right: Peter Eastwood, Scott Eastwood, Grant Briggs (cousin) and William (age seven).


Thoughts create matter follow William Eastwood
A website article.


The most beautiful experiences in your life have happened because you created them. Anything you experienced before, you can do again, only it will be better this time. Let me show you how.


How to create what you desire

A woman realizes her thoughts form matter
A woman realizes her thoughts do create matter.

Applying the principle that thoughts create matter is easy when you know how.

We must first learn and understand different methods that work. Faith (I do not mean religious faith) is central and key to the process. The thoughts create matter formula is very simple.

To manifest effectively, it is necessary to take a certain stance toward reality that is based on understanding and trust. We attract and receive our desires by reveling in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

When we have learned through trial and error, we know we will get results and so we trust the universe to deliver.

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Book International philosophy of life success wealth happiness internal science by William Eastwood
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Thoughts form matter You Are a Beautiful Person book by William Eastwood
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The Best metaphysics teachers offering free guidance and daily affirmations, William Eastwood, founded the inner United Nations.
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Thoughts create matter presents: The power of your thoughts.
you are in an infinite web of probabilities



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W.E. manifesting in paradise.
W.E. age 7.

If you do good things, good things will happen to you.

(Like finding a treasure while removing litter from the side of a country road at the exact moment he made that statement.)




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The Internal Science & International Philosophy of William Eastwood Provided by to Solve Individual & World problems concludes.
The Internal Science & International Philosophy of William Eastwood provided by to solve individual and world problems concludes.


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