INTERNAL SCIENCE: Consciousness Technology

William Eastwood consciousness creates reality

The founder of Earth Network, William Eastwood, worked for a Yale University professor on a secret invention at a private research and development facility at age 13. His interview is in the United States library system microfilm database public record.

William Eastwood says you are a genius even if you do not realize that you are!


“Fast forward 50 years, and you have a visionary who has dedicated his life to crafting a new science and philosophy, offering profound solutions to both personal and global challenges.” — Camille, The Edge Magazine.




INTERNAL SCIENCE: Consciousness Technology

Consciousness technology is the next frontier for science. Expect it to be accepted in the mainstream by 2050.


Earth Network presents The Inner UN United Nations
Reporter taking notes. Earth Network presents The Inner UN.



A new form of science (and psychology)

Do scientists say that thoughts create matter?

The entire established field of science is based on the great modern myth of physicalism. Instead, physical reality is a projection of your mind, and there are increasing numbers of top scientists, especially quantum physicists, who have managed to free themselves from collective hypnosis and are not afraid to say so.


“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

— Albert Einstein


Earth Network presents holographic reality
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Bernard d’Espagnat

Bernard-dEspagnat scientists quantum mechanics

“The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment.”

— Bernard d’Espagnat, a top theoretical physicist.



Many scientists and educated people in the world today neglect to look at the implications of quantum mechanics. This is due to cognitive dissonance.


Earth Network introduces holographic reality.
A website article.


Many top physicists do know that thoughts create matter

Your thoughts can and do create matter. It is the rest of science, media and the world who do not want to listen to what they are saying.

However, major changes in scientific thinking are taking place. The big question is, will YOU look at the implications of quantum mechanics?


Max Planck

Max Plank earth network
Max Plank

Max Planck, Nobel Prize Winning father of quantum mechanics says, “I regard matter as a derivative from consciousness.” The Observer, 1931.



If consciousness creates reality, wouldn’t science know?

Scientists physicalism electromagnetic energy is.
Scientists who believe in physicalism do not know what electromagnetic energy is.

Scientists who believe in physicalism do not do not know what an electromagnetic field is, and since everything is an electromagnetic field, they don’t know what anything is.

If you ask a scientist what an electromagnetic field is, 99% will say “it is a fundamental entity, it’s not made of anything else, it just is what it is.” They leave that question to philosophers because they cannot answer it.

Science has largely refused to accept the existence of an inner reality. But science, like politics, is divided. Some scientists know more than others.



“The man of science is a poor philosopher.”

— Albert Einstein


Why people see what they want to see, and create negative experiences

“Each person reads and experiences reality according to what they believe exists. If they hold a view of reality within themselves that is inherently limiting and/or negative, then this inner subjective reality and nothing else is projected outward into events and experiences so that everything conforms with their beliefs. They then cannot see anything outside of their own worldview. In effect, they become blind to any information that would free them from their inner and outer restricted reality.

“The negative focus on perceived enemies or opposition combined with the overlooked and unchecked power of consciousness and focus has been causing the world severe problems for a very long time only because we do not see the obvious.”


Do you want science studies a mirage or science that studies the source of reality and then shows you how to create anything you want?


A website article.


You can get lost trying to understand consciousness by reading scientific articles. I offer links to some excellent scientific studies as a courtesy to you only. I know in simple terms that the physical world is a projection we each create with our own consciousness. If four people enter a room, there are four rooms. I figured that out over four decades ago.

Consciousness is irreducible and is both individualized and part of an unbroken field. Quantum mechanics is the study of that field of energy. Your consciousness has very deep, eternal meaning that cannot be measured with a ruler, and so all scientific studies will miss that part of the picture.

All consciousness is of an equal, amazingly high grade; and just so you know, your personality and individuality will never be lost. Who you are will survive death. I am not a religious person, because I will add that you are also good, and most religions will say you are evil.

Ignorance is separation from truth, and it is the closest thing there is to evil. Our civilization has lost the secret for centuries and we therefore do not even know where we come from! That shows just how ignorant we are.

Our civilization has been reading reality backwards for thousands of years. You cannot understand reality by looking at the physical world because that world is a consciousness hologram that you are creating. If you follow most scientists, they will just get you more confused.

I provide hundreds of articles and over a dozen books in plain English, and you do not need to be a scientist to understand any of it. Use your heart and intuition. All knowledge is within you, and you are a portion of the Divine consciousness that forms everything. You are forever safe and loved, and this will never change, not for a billion years.

For those who are interested I often begin my articles with some science because it is important to use your intellect. For something to be true it must make sense to you both intellectually and intuitively.

— William Eastwood


Einstein & William Eastwood International author. The new scientific authority
An article.
Who is William Eastwood?


Who is William Eastwood?

To judge a person, look at what he has done, look at his 7 websites, and the mission he has created right here that is available to everyone in the world for free. Doing so will tell you who William Eastwood is.


“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.”

— Albert Einstein.

Founder of Earth Network & creator of  C = Ef = M

William Eastwood 1979

As far as we know, neither Albert Einstein nor physicist David Bohm worked for a professor from one of the world’s top ten universities at age 13, but Eastwood did.

This interview is in the U.S. library system public microfilm database.


Hawaii site with Eastwood family art.

William Eastwood page: Newspaper article, his work and family tree. Eastwood is a descendant of the Panetagenet Dynasty of 14 kings of England.



“I had to choose between recognition and ridicule; I had to forgo acclaim to take the right path, but I did the right thing.”

— William Eastwood.



Feeling stifled by External Science, Eastwood went off on his own researching a more accurate paradigm of reality to solve world problems and help everyone to create their dreams.

The result of his research is an entirely new kind of science and philosophy.


Einstein & William Eastwood International author. The new scientific authority
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William Eastwood is a political oracle, music prodigy, self-made international philosopher, researcher, new scientist, and an empath. He is a visionary and founder of the altruistic movement, a civil rights, scientific, environmental and political activist, and the author of “The Altruism Code,” a code for a new international constitution and set of world laws providing the means to transform individuals, groups, geographical regions and nations.

Eastwood wrote 25 books and 500+ articles in less than five years. 500+ WORLD HELP articles — designed to help people achieve their dreams or solve world problems — are available to you now for free.

William Eastwood has created THE NEW INNER UN to provide the path to a new kind of civilization. To do that he has created a new science and a new international philosophy.

Get the complete picture here.



After achieving his goal to help reduce U.S. dependence on fossil fuels and graduating as an environmental solar technician by age 18, Eastwood began to do something even more important for humanity.


“I broke out of the accepted mainstream paradigm at a young age because it didn’t make sense to me and there were no college courses teaching what did make sense. I completed an accelerated solar technology course at age 18 and then began my plan and mission.”

— William Eastwood.


Thoughts create matter William Eastwood
William Eastwood, founder of international philosophy, in 1998. This picture was taken when he was 35 years old shortly before he incorporated Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous individuals.



“The man with the greatest soul will always face the greatest war with the low-minded person.”

— Albert Einstein.


Reemerging 40 years after working for a Yale professor in a research and development facility on a mysterious invention at age 13 — a modern version of an astrolabe accurate enough to be used by surveyors — and creating Internal Science, International Philosophy, publishing 20+ BOOKS, and 500+ articles in five yearsbecause he has a PLAN.


World Help Assisting Humanity to create a great civilization
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Eastwood’s international philosophy is a unique scientific paradigm that recognizes the power and good in all people.  His current websites and many positive books speak loudly of his unrelenting efforts to help humanity, and his intent to assist people in realizing their “unlimited” power and potential to improve their lives and the future of our civilization.


“It wasn’t easy to go against the world to help the world.”

— William Eastwood.

An iconoclast is a person who sees political and other problems from a different perspective than others do.  William Eastwood is an iconoclast and outsider who offers us a means to save our democracy and unique solutions to personal and world problems.

William Eastwood author
William Eastwood is the author of 25 books and script writer of “The Dragon Slayer Prophecy.”


“Young people will be the ones to change the world.”

— William Eastwood.


The Dragon Slayer film is part of Eastwood’s plan to introduce Internal Science and International Philosophy on a grand scale.


The plan to educate with a fictional movie based on a true story
Based on a true & ongoing story.
What are Internal Science & International Philosophy?

Internal Science

Most people understand science as the study of physical reality with the instruments of the scientific method. However, physical reality is a mirage, a kind of optical illusion, a projection of consciousness.

To study reality we must study the actual reality, not the mirage. Internal Science is the study of the reality behind the illusion.


“If your thoughts create matter, what or who is doing the creating? If your five senses project your reality, what is behind that mechanism? Internal Science explains all of that.”

— William Eastwood.


You are a portion of an infinite web of probable selves, or an infinite web of probable selves are an extension of you.

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All that exists is consciousness. Consciousness creates all realities. Only consciousness can penetrate consciousness. The tools of the scientific method cannot. Do not look for long equations on a blackboard. Internal Science is completely different that conventional science. It doesn’t rely on equations and it does not require an extensive education to be a leading scientist.

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International Philosophy

International Philosophy deals with any subject psychology covers, but it is based on Internal Science rather than physicalism. If you want to know how to be happy, find love, live longer, stay healthy, manifest success, etc., you need International Philosophy because it is based on real rather than mythical science.



Respect the opinions of others, but trust your own judgment.

People have the right to choose what they want to believe, and so you can accept a more accurate scientific worldview. According to International Philosophy, you are basically good and you can trust yourself and your integrity.

Realize that when we are dealing with two different views of reality — and because the one being challenged is supported by the mainstream civilization itself — it is going to take more than one article to address objections from skeptics or even explain all the differences.

Library of over 500 articles.


Mainstream thinking is a cult. It is inaccurate and it takes your power away and creates dependency.



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holographic theory of consciousness
A website article.


The secret power of your life.
A website article.


Earth Network says you are a good person.
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Anyone can learn to explore their inner reality with practice
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Objective or External Science measures the outside of forces that create the universe but cannot generally recognize that something else exists because by their nature, physical instruments cannot “catch” or “detect” consciousness.


There is no time nonlinear thinking manifesting
A website article.

Author of EN and  C = Ef = M 

William Eastwood 1979
Eastwood in 1979.

As far as we know, neither Albert Einstein nor physicist David Bohm worked for a professor from one of the world’s top ten universities at age 13, but Eastwood did.

See 1979 press interview on this site.



Astral time travel experiences Eastwood
Astral time travel experiences.


The problem of acceptance is prejudice, not lack of evidence

The Internal Science William Eastwood
William Eastwood today.

There is more evidence that consciousness creates reality than there is evidence that black holes exist. There is more evidence supporting astral travel and time travel than physicalism.




“The man of science is a poor philosopher.”

— Albert Einstein


“The illusion of physicalism supports the main premise of Internal Science—that what we believe is projected holographically—even if what we believe is an error.

“Repeatedly we see evidence in history where those who challenge accepted myths are attacked or somehow marginalized. Certain people will work toward your demise if they interpret you as threatening, regardless of fundamental errors in their worldview or extremely degrading ignorance.”

— William Eastwood


Earth Network introduces holographic reality.
A website article.


Cognitive dissonance is when we reject new ideas because they threaten our worldview

Socrates was made to drink poison Hemlock as punishment for corrupting Athenian youth by teaching them to question the status quo. The Socrates school was burned to the ground.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

— Albert Einstein


“You cannot understand the universe if you do not take into account the source of that universe. Electrons are projections. The science of the physical world gives us technology, but the science I provide gives us an understanding of how to create matter, which is a far more valuable thing to know.”

— William Eastwood.


David Bohm

David Bohm and Internal Science & International Philosophy
Einstein’s friend, David Bohm.

Physicist David Bohm, — who Albert Einstein called “a kindred spirit,” and whose Ph.D. thesis — being top secret and classified — was awarded at the University of California at Berkeley by none other than Robert Oppenheimer, says that your physical reality is a holographic projection of the brain and five senses.




Hugh Everett III

Hugh Everett: Many Worlds to choose from
Hugh Everett.
[The Many-worlds interpretation is the] only completely coherent approach to explaining both the contents of quantum mechanics and the appearance of the world.

—Hugh Everett III



“If you want to understand reality, who and what you are, and how matter is formed from energy, combine these two views and look at reality not through the lens of physicalism, but through the worldview that takes the source of the physical universe into account.

“Look at what the facts are telling us: The two most widely referenced experiments in quantum physics—the double-slit experiment and the observer effect—are telling us that the physical universe is a projection.

“This makes perfect sense: Particles and events exist on an inner level of the universe as probabilities (which are infinite in number). From a deeper level of reality (a nonphysical field of potential), the mind projects specific observed events. In other words, we must take into account the source of the physical world to make sense of the science and reality. When we do that it is all clear. 

“Internal Science  is the study of reality that takes into account the source of the physical universe.

“International Philosophy tells us how the projection works and how to control events—an extremely valuable thing to know.”

The projection is controlled by the mind (International Philosophy and Belief Projection [BP]). This is just the way the universe works, friends, and the sooner we wake up to this fact the better off we will be.”

— William Eastwood.


You don’t have to understand science to create what you want in life. I can help you to achieve your goals and create wealth based on my 50-year study of the principles of practical application of Internal Science, which is International Philosophy.

You can also click on and read any of my 500+ free articles or any of my 25 books (one of which is free).


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Your power is in your worldview. Unlimited human potential can be activated by your worldview. Einstein told us that the universe responds to your level of understanding.


A website article.


The world is in a dangerous trance! “If you want to be wrong, then follow the masses.”Socrates


William Eastwood 2019

William Eastwood, Founder of the Altruistic  Movement & Earth Network



“Consciousness creates reality and thoughts form matter! If you want to be powerful you have to go by the facts about reality and that means discovering the truth! Otherwise you are as blind as a bat and ineffective as a sloth!

“Holographic Universe, by David Bohm, Albert Einstein’s friend and colleague, supports that premise.


What is the terrorist threat to the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Poland and Netherlands in 2023-2024? Science
An website article.



Physical reality is like a website, virtual reality or a TV. Imagine a grid of light similar to the dots on a TV screen, but millions of times smaller. Then think of these lights as being consciousness projected by the mind of the observer of physical events. Consciousness forms virtual particles, atoms and molecules.

Consciousness technology is the science of forming consciousness into an instrument of scientific study or into a vehicle that can travel through multidimensional reality.

Consciousness technology (in its early current stage of development) is the exploration of past, present and future probabilities. The new scientist is an explorer of worlds and dimensions.


Real time travel
A website article.


CONSCIOUSNESS TECHNOLOGY: The construction of matter

Consciousness isn’t a product of particles, built like a house is built on a foundation. Instead, intelligence (consciousness) manifests the physical universe in the same way a sea creature grows a shell.


Consciousness creates the universe physical objects reality
A website article.


The physical world is an effect, not a cause. The physical universe is composed of consciousness. There is nothing outside of consciousness. The matrix is the multidimensional inside of multidimensional consciousness.


Theory of consciousness mind is universal and fundamental Eastwood
A website article.


All characteristics and propensities of the physical world are reflections of the characteristics and propensities of consciousness.


Characteristics and nature of consciousness
A website article.


What are thoughts and consciousness? website article.


You are a multidimensional being. To be a real scientist you must be willing to explore your reality — the multidimensional aspects of your consciousness.


A website article.


Thoughts form matter presents: Do other inner worlds exist?
A website article.


A website article.


Your consciousness is working right now as it generates your body and the events that are you and surround you. The amount of work being done in a single cell is more than every thought you have had for your entire life.


CONSCIOUSNESS SCIENCE: Deconstruction and reconstruction of molecular structure

It is important to know that physical matter cannot pass through time and space dimensional thresholds. Only consciousness can. Consciousness can deconstruct matter particles, travel through vortices and then reconstruct the material form necessary for inner exploration within the destination dimension.


CEU conscious energy unit thoughts create reality
A website article.


The programming that initiates transformation is not a physical computer, it is inherent within consciousness itself. All time is simultaneous. Consciousness technology has always existed. It is discovered, revealed, learned and practiced.


What are intelligent light love energy consciousness humans life universe reality
A website article.


A medium can communicate with the deceased. Doing so is a form of consciousness technology. The same applies to astral travel and clairvoyant travel.


Reset your mind to be positive and effective
Manifest now. The inner UN.
The Inner UN.
Earth Network-Einstein-Eastwood-Official-Site-new-Scientific-Authority
New authority.
Master Principle & Formula to Create Gold with your thoughts.
Gold Formula.

An iconoclast who helps people achieve their dreams

Master Alchemist secrets
William Eastwood.

“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.” 

— Albert Einstein. 


Socrates was made to drink poison Hemlock as punishment for corrupting Athenian youth by teaching them to question the status quo. The Socrates school was burned to the ground.



Actual reality is not what we have been told it is

  1. There is no singular, one-world timeline.
  2. You do not progress in a linear manner within time from birth to death.
  3. You are not a three-dimensional self moving through a three-dimensional world from birth to death.
  4. You and the world do not exist that way.


“Internal Science is the study of the inner reality that forms the physical universe.”

— William Eastwood.


“Physical instruments cannot reach this level of nonphysical reality, and so it is an area the mainline scientific establishment is currently unable and unwilling to study.”

— William Eastwood.


“Internal Science is a science of consciousness.”

— William Eastwood.


“Modern science does not yet recognize that the physical dimension is merely a shadow cast by our true reality. Such is the nature of existence.”

— William Eastwood.



Beyond modern science

INTERNAL SCIENCE: Consciousness Technology by William Eastwood
William Eastwood.

The universe we inhabit is an illusion—a projection of the senses. Our senses are hypnotized by the mythical theories we accepted thousands of years ago with the advent of tribalism (a time of separation of our awareness from the inner dimension of consciousness of which this world is a mere shadow).

It is ironic that science—which represents logic—is illogical. Modern science rejects reality because of its own hypnotic delusions.

As once happened in the past to Socrates, modern science burns truth to the ground in favor of physicalism.

“Einstein operated within the Internal Science paradigm before it was even recognized. Carefully consider his words below if you want to understand what Internal Science is and is not.”

— William Eastwood.


ALBERT EINSTEIN: “The man of science is a poor philosopher.”

    • “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
    • “I didn’t arrive at my understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe through my rational mind.
    • “The man of science is a poor philosopher.
    • “I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking
    • “I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.
    • “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

― Albert Einstein.


There is a superior intelligence which belongs to you. Einstein was not afraid to rely on his own inner intelligence. That intelligence comes from an inner order of events, from a level where creation takes place.


A website article.


Consciousness creates the universe physical objects reality
A website article.


External science has not answered the big questions

INTERNAL SCIENCE UN Consciousness Technology
The Inner UN.

If you say everything comes from the big bang, the big bang is no different than a wizard’s “poof,” because it is basically just a magical appearance of something from nothing. Objective science cannot explain why we exist or how we came to be. Internal Science, however, can.


What is Internal Science?

INTERNAL SCIENCE UN Consciousness Technology
The Inner UN.

Internal Science is the study of the inner reality that forms the physical universe. Physical instruments cannot reach this level of nonphysical reality, and so it is an area the mainline scientific establishment is currently unable and unwilling to study.

Some recent science such as Bohm’s touch upon this, but true Internal Science is alien to most people’s concepts of what science is.

Internal Science is a science of consciousness.

International Philosophy is based on my studies of the inner level of reality which gives rise to the physical universe.


Consciousness technology

INTERNAL SCIENCE UN Consciousness Technology
The Inner UN.

Consciousness technology in its infancy gives us travel through time and space and the ability to alter personal and global events on an inner level of reality.

In the future we will form multidimensional crafts from consciousness that can move through time and dimensions.


Anyone can learn to explore their inner reality with practice
A website article.


The Inner UN at
The Inner UN at



The Holographic Universe by William Eastwood “Traditional paradigms are such that you are seen as having no or minimal control over what is considered to be external reality. Whereas metaphysical facts reveal that reality is not external at all but is instead a projection and as such gives full power of control over events to the individual” (p. 123). “Your beliefs create your reality” (p. 139). We have much more creative power our lives, then we think we do. “What you believe, you create” (p. 271). Eastwood is basing his ideas on the latest findings in physics. One main thinker he focuses on is David Bohm and his theory of the implicate order and explicate order. Our familiar world of matter the explicate order unfolds out of a deeper reality– The Implicate Order. A more fundamental reality that underlies the known world that we live in. “Reality is a holographic projection of consciousness, which is a form of light” (p. 146). Everything is interconnected. There is only one energy.
by Ralph Edsell


The revelations in this book are beyond modern science, in that Mr. Eastwood articulates very intrinsic concepts applicable to a better future for mankind. Breathtaking and fluidic. A must read.
by Brian Luciano

A study of the source of the physical world

INTERNAL SCIENCE UN Consciousness Technology
The Inner UN.

Bohm’s implicate order that gives rise to the explicate order is what science should be studying. Mainstream science has to ask itself what the implicate order is? We need to be studying the inner reality that gives rise to the physical dimension. Such a study by the scientific establishment would end up solving most of humanity’s problems.


A new subjective science paradigm

INTERNAL SCIENCE UN Consciousness Technology
The Inner UN.

Objective science can only study and affirm objective reality. Objective reality, however, is an illusion. What you see is a projection of your mind and five senses. Therefore, objective or traditional science is of no value in determining the nature of reality and how to manipulate it. It is a science of shadows. We need subjective science to study subjective reality, and that is what internal science is — a new subjective science paradigm.

International philosophy is the human side of internal science with principles of application that will enable you to create what you want in life, live fulfilled, and help solve world problems.


An inner reality

What is absent from mainstream physicalism is the inner reality from which the physical world arises.

This component of reality that is missing from orthodoxy is the only true reality. Therefore, traditional lines of thought are largely tidbits of patched together “facts” that do not represent reality but only a miniscule fraction of what actually exists.

This narrow view reflects recent conscious evolution. Perception has narrowed and various taboos have been enforced. Anything considered psychic or outside of the narrow picture presented by formal science is attacked and rejected. Anything at all that can challenge the conventional picture isn’t even given a chance.


Recent conscious evolution was a process of narrowing perception
A website article.



This physical world was initially a dream, recalled in the Aboriginal creation story from Australia, which is a distorted remnant of ancient wisdom. Like water turning to ice, consciousness solidifying as matter is the process by which creation takes place. Reality is a projection of consciousness from within.


Only What Your Senses Project Exists. There is No Time & Space. The Science

The senses project, meaning only what is in your range of vision or sense-perception exists in your current physical reality. What you see is a visual projection. If you don’t see something, you haven’t created it visually in physical reality.

INTERNAL SCIENCE UN Consciousness Technology
The Inner UN.

The space around you is a field of potential—an invisible extension of your consciousness that contains an infinity of probable events. You determine what you will experience next—what your senses will project—according to your beliefs and subjective activity.

If you see nothing behind you, nothing is there but an infinite field of potential. Empty space is not really empty, rather it is a threshold beyond which the wonders of what you are exist in multidimensional reality. Un-physically-manifest-potential (empty space in physical reality) contains infinite realities that are probable and available to you at any time you learn how to bring them into your awareness. It is all a field of consciousness.

This is Internal Science, and its application is International Philosophy.



“If you want to know how thought produces physical existence, you have to step outside of physicalism. The medium in which we exist is a field of infinite potential composed of intelligent energy that does our will. On deeper levels of consciousness your thoughts create your reality, and my thoughts create my reality.”

— William Eastwood.


Only What Your Senses Project Exists

Only what your five senses project exists. There is no time and space. Nothing can hold you back because you are creating everything. The holographic projection is composed entirely of consciousness. Scientists have known for a long time that the senses perceive reality, but what most scientists do not realize is that the senses also create reality. By reality, I mean our physical experience. 

The only reason why we know we are having a physical experience is because of our five senses. Our experience comes through our five senses. If the five senses are tricking us, we have no way of knowing that. I am telling you that the five senses create your reality and then perceive it. 

What’s amazing about this is that you are the one that’s creating your reality. This makes you a creator. You are at the Hub of everything extending out from you. Your environment is an extension of your physical body. you created

Most of the problems in the world are due to the fact that we do not realize that reality is a projection of our consciousness. We have been in the dark for generations. We have dealt with reality as if it were something detached and separate from us. This gave us little control over events. When you understand that only what your five senses project exists, that there is no time and space, then you put yourself in the driver’s seat. You can create anything so long as you follow the rules of internal science. 

Your thoughts come first

Consciousness is magical and it is the God-force, which is what you are individualized. You are forever, and you can achieve anything.

I also advocate a pro-active approach and always working on physical and inner levels. Use common sense and multiple approaches in life. Don’t quit your job because you are ready to manifest your dreams. Rather, apply your thoughts to your dreams and watch the means to achieve your dreams appear as if by magic through multiple channels. It is a matter of putting the horse in front of the cart. Your thoughts come first.

Your position in life (wealth or lack of wealth) and present circumstances is a result of your past thoughts. Cause and effect apply only to subjective actions. All causes are psychological. Emotions are very powerful. Some of these principles are super simple, but people are hypnotized by their beliefs that say achievement is difficult and so on and so forth.

One of the most frequent mistakes people make is to assume that something is wrong in their life. They then begin searching their past for some hidden cause of all their problems. The idea that something is wrong is the cause of their problems, not an event in the past. The past does not even exist!

Even if your life is one disaster after another, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you or your methods. Intelligent people often give themselves more complex challenges in life. If you do not have a big house and a fast car, it doesn’t mean that you have something wrong with you or with the way you achieve goals, but if you start thinking that way, that is what will manifest.

The spirit is ALWAYS good, and every spirit eventually goes into the light after death. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create your reality there too, but that world is not physical and from what I know, that reality is fantastic beyond description. But don’t do something crazy to get there because suicide creates peril and complications for those who make that mistake. You are here now because you want to be.

Your highest intelligence and magic are not with a superior portion of your being. You are your higher self. Trust in your own judgment and base your life on your dreams, ability and all the fun and positive stuff about you.

Buddhists have got things confused. Desire is not something to transcend, and pleasure is good.

How focused are you on the positive? How determined are you? Do you have patterns of negative thoughts and emotions that need to be changed? A determined focus and effort is required to transform your life.

The ability to master the mind and focus on the positive is a learned art not all are equally proficient in. Yet, we each get exactly what we put out in thought and emotion. What you experience in your life is a perfect reflection of the dominant patterns in your mind.

There are many probable futures. Different geographical regions have different trajectories according to the beliefs, thoughts and feelings of those within the area. You will be attracted to certain areas according to the balance of your thoughts, your worldview, intent and purpose in life.

You are in control of what you create in life. You can have anything you want. The probabilities open to you for expression are a product of what you have allowed through patterns of thought and emotion.

Your free will to experience any particular event is dictated by what your beliefs, focus, thoughts and emotions allow. Your free will in terms of what you can manifest is dictated by your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. The only possible way you can open yourself up to increasingly positive probabilities is to create them first in your mind.

The rules apply equally to all. You must first create the future you want to experience through your focus, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. Once you do that for a certain amount of time, new probabilities will open up to you. If you then manifest one of those probabilities, they will lead to even more probabilities.



Application of new Internal Science

A new scientist probes the universe with his or her own consciousness.


Thoughts create matter presents internal science.
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Scientists already agree that there is no solid matter. Many, but certainly not all, agree that the mind and five senses project and then perceive that projection through the five senses. But very few have taken the final step by putting all of these facts together to create an accurate view of reality that includes the inner reality or roots from which the physical world arises.

INTERNAL SCIENCE UN Consciousness Technology
The Inner UN.

The collapsing wave function reveals mind-matter interaction which then leads to a new scientific paradigm, a new science, a new psychology and new and more effective methods by which to approach life and achieve goals. The collapsing wave function, for example, is evidence of thoughts (consciousness) manifesting, which then suggests a much easier way to create what you want in life, which is what we are providing you with here.

We give you a new psychology and methods of achieving goals.


Is consciousness creating reality?

Eastwood: Your thoughts can and do create matter. Scientific Proof & Facts
William Eastwood.

Eastwood: “Time and space, the physical universe, our environment and our personal sensations we experience when observing our world are in fact a reality, it’s just that reality is not what we previously thought.

This was first proposed in 1980 by Einstein’s friend and colleague, theoretical physicist David Bohm, and is now being confirmed. Reality is a holographic projection of human consciousness.


David Bohm’s Ph.D. thesis — being top secret and classified — was awarded at the University of California at Berkeley by no other than Robert Oppenheimer.



Holographic just means that the depth in space and time that we perceive is something our own consciousness creates. It is a projection like the images on a computer screen or within a holographic reality headset.


Your consciousness is a portion of the total electromagnetic field of the entire multidimensional universe. You do not require a physical brain to exist, only to operate within the physical universe.” — Eastwood



The nature of the physical universe is that it is a holographic projection of the people observing it. Human consciousness is creating a multidimensional matrix which includes physical reality. I have been waiting for this moment since the 1980s because I am already teaching the principles of this science as well as a philosophy of application.


“When the premise upon which a theory is based is incorrect, the theory cannot be accurate. When a central premise is false, all that follows that is built on that foundation is distorted. This is what has happened. Darwinism and official psychology are based on a central premise that is incorrect.” — Eastwood


CONSCIOUSNESS SCIENCE: Conscious co-creation and navigation through probabilities

Consciousness science includes conscious co-creation. We navigate through and manifest probabilities from the infinite field of probabilities by the way we use our conscious mind.


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Can-thoughts-create-matter-events-probable events
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Create quantum doors leap desires your practical multidimensional nature probabilities.
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When you learn to control your thoughts and keep them focused in a particular positive way, you take a giant leap in your life. Most people cannot do this and never learn how to create beautiful events in life.



Create anything you want LIKE MAGIC

Click on our affirmation page once or twice a day, or as time allows when it is convenient for you to do so. It is the best habit you can possibly develop if you want your life to work.

By taking a few seconds to read through affirmations, instantaneous connections are made to your best memories and most powerful experiences on a subconscious level. This allows for positive energy and ideas to enter your consciousness and find a way to change your state of mind, increase your enthusiasm, and motivate you and change your circumstances for the better. Just reading lists of affirmations daily can make a huge difference in your life, keeping you positive, strong, on-track to your goals, balanced and consistent. Most importantly, positive thoughts — focused on in specific ways — will manifest desirable changes in your life. I am providing you with a path to success like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Your life is a projection of the life-force within inner levels of your being we reach with certain affirmations. This is living energy that does your will. This is not a frivolous activity, rather, it is the most logical and direct path to eliminating blocks and achieving your goals. In the same way that good food helps your body, these affirmations give you life-force substance that begins building events in the direction you choose. It’s how you control and direct your life, and in this case for the better.

If you follow my advice and apply these processes correctly, you absolutely will transform your life like magic. It is all done on my free daily affirmation and guidance page.

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Make This Day the Best Day Possible!

And make your life the best life possible!


Are you too busy to read a book?

There’s a fast and powerful way to manifest your goals!

When I was in an impossible situation, I created a series of powerful affirmations to escape the predicament I was in. They worked so well that I still use them today. I have made them available in two books primarily.


How do I make this the best day possible?

“How do I make this the best day possible?” should be the first question you ask yourself every day. Your subconscious and inner self will immediately begin searching for the answer to that question, which is the most valuable thing you can know, especially first thing in the morning. That information will come to you as intuition or in some other way. It could happen immediately or over a period of time.

By saying the affirmations in this book and listening to it you begin a powerful inner process that actualized your goals and dreams. Always remember that your thoughts create your reality, not past events. Be reminded of important facts like this by listening to this powerful audio book. You do not have to do anything but feel the magic in the moment, listen to this audiobook and the powerful affirmations in it to begin to change your day and then your life.


50 years of research go into every book!

“How do I make this the best day possible? — Manifest While You Sleep”

What’s your best memory? Make it happen again but better this time! The audiobook that will change your life forever.


manifesting metaphysics audiobook William Eastwood
An audio goal delivery system by William Eastwood.


Manifesting technology! An audio goal delivery system by William Eastwood.

  • The first 30 sets of affirmations and guidance from Earth Network’s daily affirmation post.
  • Just listen at any time—especially as you are falling asleep—and you will manifest your goals.


Reset for success

  • Change your mood for instant powerful mind power.
  • Visualize your desires (with guided meditation). 
  • Turn downtime like waiting in lines and traffic into your most productive time.
  • Use while falling asleep to trigger fantastic dreams that will manifest goals and intrinsic desires.
  • This book contains the amazingly effective affirmations developed by William Eastwood and posted on the Earth Network daily affirmation pages.


Also available in eBook format

The eBook is the same book. It also can be read aloud to you with most programs and apps.

Eastwood manifest while you sleep learn
Ebook version of audio book.


“How Do I Make This the Best Day Possible? Manifest While You Sleep.”






I will help you

William Eastwood in his 20s in Florida
William Eastwood.

“My daily affirmation page teaches you how to create the events you want with your thoughts. If you read the affirmations on the affirmation page first thing when you wake up, you will change what happens on that day. If you continue every morning, you will change your whole life. But if you don’t go to this page, don’t follow your intuition, or don’t apply the principles, nothing will happen.”


Any dream, no matter what it is, can be made real.


Eastwood family William age seven
From left to right: Peter Eastwood, Scott Eastwood, Grant Briggs (cousin) and William (age seven).


Thoughts create matter follow William Eastwood
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The most beautiful experiences in your life have happened because you created them. Anything you experienced before, you can do again, only it will be better this time. Let me show you how.


How to create what you desire

A woman realizes her thoughts form matter
A woman realizes her thoughts do create matter.

Applying the principle that thoughts create matter is easy when you know how.

We must first learn and understand different methods that work. Faith (I do not mean religious faith) is central and key to the process. The thoughts create matter formula is very simple.

To manifest effectively, it is necessary to take a certain stance toward reality that is based on understanding and trust. We attract and receive our desires by reveling in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

When we have learned through trial and error, we know we will get results and so we trust the universe to deliver.

Read more…. (In my International Philosophy page on this website.)

Information like this can be found in all our 500 free articles and in my books.


BOOKS BY EASTWOOD: The most beautiful experiences in your life have happened because you created them. Anything you experienced before, you can do again, only it will be better this time. Let me show you how.

Every book is loaded with tips, secrets and insights that will help you to manifest your goals and ambitions.

You create your own reality, and you are always in control of what you create.





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The purpose of Earth Network books is to provide you with all you need to know to be successful in all areas—in intellectual and spiritual knowledge, business, finance, health, love and relationships.

There is no problem that cannot be solved, no obstacles that cannot be overcome, no circumstance that cannot be transformed, no goal that cannot be achieved, and no dream that cannot be attained.

There are ways to use this science to make money. Wealth and personal safety are easy. I owned three large historic homes on the coast of Maine in 1985, at age 22, because this philosophy WORKS LIKE MAGIC!

The secrets in all my books can be used to achieve any goal, no matter what it is. Every book is loaded with tips, secrets and insights that will help you to manifest your goals and dreams. Nothing is a higher priority than your own self and life. The path to your dreams is right here.




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Take the higher path (by William Eastwood)

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Thoughts form matter mind creates Solution William Eastwood
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50 years of research goes into every publication


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Book International philosophy of life success wealth happiness internal science by William Eastwood
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The Altruism Code book your protection how you think new world constitution by Eastwood William




Thoughts form matter You Are a Beautiful Person book by William Eastwood
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Eastwood autobiography book story of achievement against all odds success inspiration real life hero author leader teacher modern guru prophet
William Eastwood autobiography.



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Problem solving method.



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How your consciousness creates time space
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Thoughts create matter presents: The power of your thoughts.
you are in an infinite web of probabilities



International Philosophy


RARE & POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE FOUND NOWHERE ELSEEarth Network free articles by William EastwoodAll articles are International Philosophy.

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The most important thing to know in life

How you can create what you want in life in a much easier way than we were all taught.


William Eastwood books. International philosophy how to create anything with thoughts



“I will reach out to every hungry person and dark corner on earth. When I am done, nothing will be the same.” — William Eastwood.



There are over a billion people living in slums today, yet we have the philosophy that can get them out. All I need, is a little bit of help.


Consciousness is inherently kind and loving
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(Like finding a treasure while removing litter from the side of a country road at the exact moment he made that statement.)




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