10a – #1 A 1 A 1 A ITS A WONDERFUL WORLD an intro to global changes

Disaster or the Promised Land, the choice is with each and every person on the face of the planet

We know that quantum mechanics violates local laws of physics. We can use the methods of Internal Science to change our world and reverse the climate emergency. It is inevitable that many people will realize this soon. The information is out and on sites like ours. Acceptance takes time but it will happen.


Earth Network's mission great civilization. Boy: Wow! It's possible now!
earth-network.org. Where you can join a global alliance.


A world without borders by 2050
A WilliamEastwood.com website article.


Society will be transformed and we will save the earth

The whole world is going to change when enough people realize the directing power of their own consciousness. It may take time, but it can happen. A global unified focus on the future desired as depicted in the video below is an example of how this will be done. Probabilities will actually change, and a new past, present and future will come into being.

Many millions will have to be on the threshold of disaster before they make the change, but many others will do so now. The Promised Land does exist if you believe it does and if you understand and apply these principles.

The process is confusing to some. There is more than one past, present and future. You will enter the probability you align yourself with.

For examples of beautiful songs and images that give us the ability to begin the process, click below or find your own songs. The methods are given on my daily affirmation pages and in the book, “How to Manifest – A Guide.




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