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Zero Point Field energy is the empty space around you in which virtual particles of consciousness appear as energy for less than a millionth of a second and then disappear. Scientists have never found engrams where it is believed that memories are stored in the brain because the brain does not produce or store consciousness. Instead, consciousness creates the brain.

You can easily think things into existence. You can create anything you want with your mind. This is Internal Science and International Philosophy. With them we will solve world problems, create harmony and manifest world peace. By understanding this example of how a thought creates matter you can learn to stay safe no matter what is going on in the world around you. You can’t become a millionaire by means of hard work without applying this principle.

Your thought power is mind over matter. Your thoughts affect matter and influence events. Using this great discovery, you can command reality to manifest your thoughts. The theory of consciousness tells us what the characteristics of consciousness are.

You can learn how to become a billionaire and a rich and famous person with International Philosophy. Consciousness does create reality, and when we have a paradigm shift in coming years there will be huge changes in the world. There are many problems and only one solution. You can stay safe no matter how bad it gets.

Success is guaranteed, you can create miracles and you can materialize positive thoughts if you understand exactly where thoughts go after you think them and decide to use your mind to create what you want in life.