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Why is 2025 so important?

Join the earth-network.org commission
2025 will be the year that the earth-network.org commission to unify the world will be formed.

2025 is the year the earth-network.org commission to unify the world will be launched.

Returning the power to the individual. Join the movement to a new world.




Who writes 25 books in five years?

Books by William Eastwood for the 2025 earth-network.org mission.


We are just getting ready for the main event!

50-years of research is for the first time being made available to the public in 25 books


Powerful, unique books packed with practical insight to help you to create the life you desire! — William Eastwood


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All eBooks: $3.99 to $6.98


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Any dream, no matter what it is, can be made real.




Intelligent people read books

To learn how to manifest with metaphysical principles, realize that you can get ten-times the information in written information in half the time that it takes to get the same amount of information in most videos. You can scan book paragraphs to find the information you need in seconds. When you are watching videos, however, you may have to hear someone’s life story before you may even get one little bit of information, and it may not even be what you need.