• Become a positive and effective person.
  • Stay safe no matter what is going on in the world around you.
  • A means for individuals, groups and regions to lead the way for others.
  • Learn how to navigate out of unwanted circumstances in life.


THE INTERNATIONAL PHILOSOPHY PLAN to save democracy & solve world problems

“International Philosophy” has the complete plan to save democracy.

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50 years of research brings you:

A constitution for a new set of international laws

The Altruism Code is to be used in the same way a country uses a constitution. But in this case, it is a constitutional guide for the individual, groups and nations.

THE TOOL OF CHOICE FOR IMPLEMENTATION: Does for individual, groups and regions what a constitution does for a country

The Altruism Code book your protection how you think new world constitution by Eastwood William
Your protection no matter what is going on in the world around you.

With “THE ALTRUISM CODE – Your Protection,” you can stay safe no matter what is going on in the world around you. You can remain untouched in the middle of a war, prosperous in a global recession, healthy in a pandemic, comfortable in a changing climate and joyful rather than depressed.





THE ALTRUISM CODE is the Constitution for a new civilization and the source-code for a new system of U.S. and international law. This code is a unifying principle to heal division and unite the world.

Every person’s dignity is protected by universal, intrinsic law and international philosophy altruism law code.


50 45-years of research brings you a path to world peace & a global democracy

Includes “A Plan to Save Democracy,” information on the new inner UN and the Internal Science on which it is based.

The book, “INTERNATIONAL PHILOSOPHY,” contains instructions on how to use the Altruism Code to transform people, geographical regions and ultimately countries and the entire civilization.

Contains guidance on how to create what you want in life.

Book International philosophy of life success wealth happiness internal science by William Eastwood
Something entirely new!


Feeling stifled by External Science, Eastwood went off on his own to study the application of a more accurate Internal Science paradigm.  “Because people from all over the world liked the principles I was teaching, I coined it ‘International Philosophy.'” — William Eastwood.


This is a practical book.

Contains step-by-step guidelines to create miracles, attract synchronistic events and live in gratitude and appreciation. A group of chapters called “Fast Track to Success” gives you simple instructions for achieving your goals.



You can also get the plan to solve world problems in condensed form on WilliamEastwood.com, a path to save democracy.


William Eastwood, International Philosophy.

Learn how to save democracy and solve world problems

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