Why Hasn’t the Government Done Anything About Gun Violence & Assault Weapons?

Why hasn't the government done anything about school gun violence assault weapons?
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Why hasn’t the government done anything about gun violence and assault weapons?

  • Why hasn’t the government done anything to stop gun violence?
  • Why hasn’t the government done anything about assault weapons?
  • What can we do about gun violence and assault weapons?


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Why hasn’t the government done anything, and what can we do about gun violence and assault weapons?

Despite the problems with our political division, the government has recently managed to push through some new legislation, but that’s not exactly what this article is about. The articles on this site look at current events and personal challenges through the lens of quantum theory and Internal Science in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

The government is part of the problem, but it can be part of the solution. The government does help us in a lot of areas. It should help us in this area. But we can’t blame the government, because in a democracy, people elect their leaders. The division in our country is the problem. But it’s not really the division either, it’s the beliefs of the people that cause the division that’s the problem, and so that’s the subject of this website.

Those beliefs are based on physicalism and not quantum theory, and this has something to do with the underlying problem.

What I am demonstrating in this style of writing, is that we can always go deeper to find the real cause of a problem. The problem is any one of the things I have mentioned, but it really isn’t any one of those things like the government or division, because there are deeper causes that produce those particular problems and causes. Until we go to the core of the problem, we are not going to solve it. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight the problem; we certainly should. We shouldn’t be giving everyone guns. Why are we giving people guns? Why do we even have guns in our society? It is insanity. Guns are for murdering people.



“The core belief of our civilization is a miscalculation that is driving humanity’s problems.”

— William Eastwood


The world around you is not tidy and defined

 Why hasn't the government done anything about gun violence and assault weapons? Eastwood and the Inner UN.
Eastwood when he founded EN.

Physicalism has had its glory and its days are numbered. It is a myth to say that reality is a physical construct. Reality is a projection of the worldviews, beliefs and thoughts of its occupants. This is now leading physics. The world’s most respected physicists attribute the collapse of physicalism to a concept known as entanglement, a concept that says everything is connected and proves that the universe is not a physical construction but is something far different. Our five senses experience objects as being solid, but we know that they are not solid, but mostly if not completely, empty space consisting of only waves of energy containing information.

The underlying problem has to do with psychology

One segment of the population is highly distrustful of the other and wants to carry guns to protect themselves. The other segment of the population is not more trusting, but believe that the government, social controls and programs can best solve the problem. Neither group is entirely correct. Both groups share an underlying distrust of human nature and an underlying understanding of reality that is basically faulty. If we change this underlying conception of reality, we can solve the problem.

Quantum theory and common sense point to the importance of worldviews

We create our reality. What we experience collectively is a product of collective beliefs.


Your worldview creates your reality.
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We can change the underlying worldview that is causing the gun violence and world problems quickly. That is a subject I discuss in my plan to save democracy and solve world problems. Once we understand the problem, we can solve it.


Plan to save democracy and solve world problems.
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I don’t see a rush at the door for this kind of information, because people have preconceived notions about reality they do not usually want to let go of. If they are unwilling to change their worldview, nothing will change and we will not solve our problems. People like Putin, overpopulation and climate change will instead win. If you’re one of those people, don’t keep reading this article. Be offended by the outrageous statement that follows. But if you are open to changing reality, take a good look at what I am trying to say here. Reality is a projection. Reality is not a finished product. Our reality is a manifestation of what we believe.

This is good, because it means that everything good in your life, you created. When you know how you did it, next time around you will do even better, because I will give you knowledge of how you create your experience through the lens of Internal Science and quantum theory.


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Why hasn’t the government done anything about assault weapons?

The government hasn’t done anything about assault weapons because congress is divided. Democrats want action, but Republicans want to preserve the right to carry a gun. The division and problems in the government are a symptom of a deeper problem. That deeper, underlying problem is creating division and gun violence. In fact, the government has done something and is passing legislation despite the political division, but it’s not enough because it is not addressing the core of the problem.

If the people around you are harassing or bullying you, or if you are mistreated, you are going to be angry and you’re going to strike out. Basically, it’s that simple. People will hit us where it hurts most as a form of payback for perceived wrongs. If we don’t express our anger in an acceptable way, we bottle it up and we risk and explosion of anger and frustration.

The problem is therefore in whatever it is that is aggravating people in those areas that have a problem with gun violence.

We may think we do, but don’t live in a country where there is a lot of kindness to go around. Being polite and civil is not necessarily being warm and openly kind. The kind of compassion we need to solve gun violence requires a deep trust of human nature, something that American’s lack because of what they have been taught about reality and humans. American’s in general tend to think everything is a scam, a threat, a danger and trust no one. They may even make an effort to be nice to people precisely because they believe most people are not nice. They make the point that if other people are not good, they are.


Earth-Network presents: Where do all my problems come from?
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The problem isn’t that people are bad, it’s that mainstream ideas about human nature don’t support a sense of belonging and inclusiveness because human nature in general is distrusted in America. We have institutions based on evolution or religion which consist of Darwin’s savage competition or religion’s sin. Religion and science have combined to produce a super contemptuous social attitude toward people and strangers especially.

Life is hard because of all the controls and regulations meant to protect us from ourselves and other people. People snap when they cannot compete or deal with the stress, not because they want to be evil. Homelessness is a symptom of distrust of human nature, as are our economic problems and division.

This highly distrustful attitude is translated by the government into excessive controls. The population translates these underlying values into caution and a standoffish nature. Generally speaking, we don’t communicate well with strangers because we don’t trust them. We don’t trust anybody, and even those people that we know we don’t entirely trust.

We need more love and inclusiveness, but we are not going to get it with our core values as they stand now. We need a completely new worldview, one that tells us that we are all connected and that humans are not mere physical animals in competition, or sinners to be degraded and bullied.

I have provided the corrections needed in my literature. An entirely new worldview based on an accurate scientific paradigm is provided. Please visit Earth-Network.org again to learn more.


Why hasn't the government done anything about gun violence assault weapons?




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Why hasn't the government done anything about gun violence and assault weapons conclusion
Why hasn’t the government done anything about gun violence and assault weapons concludes.

Why Hasn’t the Government Done Anything About Gun Violence & Assault Weapons?

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