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The United Nations

The United Nations represents the positive intents of our civilization and collective consciousness. It is a democratic ideal born of a collective vision or dream in 1945. The UN is a consortium: “…the one place on Earth where all the world’s nations can gather together, discuss common problems, and find shared solutions that benefit all of humanity.”


The Inner UN

The Inner UN is the creative invention of William Eastwood. It’s location is based on “Internal Science” (the holographic theory of consciousness) and his understanding of how and where events are created on inner levels of consciousness. No event is created in physical reality. All events are created in the spacious present, the field of all probabilities (or whatever terms you want to go by).


Similar to the outer UN, Eastwood’s vision is of an illuminated, vibrant and colorful inner gathering place where all people are welcome and safe to participate in the creation of public and private events. This is an inner consortium where the ideas that best represent the positive intents of our civilization, individual and collective consciousness, are discussed and then created. You will see similarities between the outer UN mission and ours. The difference is that on this level we create our reality. This is where the real work of creation is done. Events that happen in the physical world happen here first.


The Inner United Nations (UN) Mission Great Civilization: Where the Real Work of Creation is Done

The Inner United Nations (UN) Mission Great Civilization: Where the Real Work of Creation is Done
The Inner United Nations (UN), Mission Great Civilization, at

The Inner United Nations (UN) is the work of William Eastwood and Earth Network’s Mission Great Civilization. This is where the real work of maintaining a peaceful and prosperous world and creating a healthy planet and civilization is done.

This a portal to where we are consciously changing our world for the better. We can alter the course of human history by what we project in thought because reality itself is created by our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.


How you can help

Please take at least a minute, close your eyes, and carefully imagine a perfect and beautiful world and earth where the problems you have experienced in life have been solved and no longer exist. This is not a religious heaven, but an actual model for a new kind of civilization and an Inner UN. Imagine that this world actually exists. This is a world where you are served. It is incredible and amazing!

You can meet me there.


What would you like your experience and world to be like?

Paradise waterfal

We would like you to contribute your vision of what you expect an ideal world, community and paradise to look like here on an inner level where creation takes place. Or, if you do not have a few minutes to contribute your vision, you may want to ask for help with whatever you need help with.

Bring positive emotions only. We want smiles and joy and nothing less.

To get help, suggest before going to sleep that you will meet me/us within this new world we are building within inner reality. Entry instructions are given below.

For your own sake, you can imagine an environment you would be comfortable within, be it a room or outdoor space. Then imagine that this location is within a fantastic future city of unimaginable beauty. This is what we are creating on inner levels, and there is room for you, and for your contribution to the total energy forming this inner reality. You can create your ideal future life and dreams here, and then you will have somewhere to go whenever you want.

This is the best insurance, because no matter what happens on earth, you can come here at any time. You can even come here after finishing your life on earth.

I have vividly imagined a future UN in this beautiful world that is a complete planet earth with continents and beautiful cities. Those who work in this UN building solve problems in the future where this UN exists, but we don’t have many problems because everything is perfect here, and so our main work is outreach to the past — where you are. We send emissaries to the past to help people in all past times. From the future we have sent people to Ukraine, for example. We have conducted many missions to the past. We set out with an objective and then we use consciousness technology to fulfill the mission.

We solve world problems in all time periods and probabilities, and we can help you. The new inner UN is more real than the physical UN because it exists in a region where the creation of the physical world takes place.

You may want to create your own space here in this inner world. You can create your dream in paradise — a real location on inner levels of reality. Your dream will then manifest many versions, including a version in your time and physical reality coordinate.


The Inner UN: Imagineering our future

We are transitioning from a society that dominates everything to a society that creates a reality where all people work together to find maximum fulfillment. The culture of seeing other people as a resource is now fading away and being replaced by a culture of helping others do the right thing and develop their potential. 

The physical world we know with our rich history from hunter-gatherers to tribes and kings, to our current world condition with its desirable aspects and horrors, was created by our individual beliefs, thoughts and emotions en masse. The inner UN is an inner location where we created what we have now without awareness of what we were doing and make the process conscious.

This is a portal to actual inner levels of consciousness where creation takes place. Our common positive objectives are a unifying principle for humanity as a whole.


A website article.


I help people from a location I call the new UN, but it is not like the UN you may be familiar with in Switzerland. The inner UN where I work is an inner level of consciousness where what we think is instantly manifest into a nonphysical probability. These are actual probable realities in that when enough intensity is reached they manifest in the physical world.

By projecting positive events we are unifying the intent of people around the world in order to create a peaceful and joyful world of fulfillment.

You can think of this inner world as a complete inner earth, with beautiful continents and cities of the future. Here, in this world, the climate crisis has been solved. You can wander through temperate forests of giant old-growth trees, lush rain forest jungles teaming with life, or dive into crystal clear, sparkling blue oceans, lakes and rivers of incredible beauty.

All people are welcome: no one is left out

There are specific ways you can arrive here, take a guided tour or complete your dream in this world. If you create your dreams here, you will hasten their physical creation on the earth you know because this is a world constructed on the level where creation takes place.

All people are welcome. You cannot take a car or plane to get here, you must use consciousness technology to arrive, but it is within the ability of anyone to do so from the comfort of their own home or from wherever they reside. This is especially true for people in regions experiencing natural or man-made disasters. All people are welcome. We are not prejudice here.

When you arrive, you will automatically be in perfect health. You can appear beautiful and young, wear any clothing you want or not. There are no strict rules, only positive intent. There is no fear or crime here.


Enter paradise where creation takes place

It takes some understanding of psychic ability to reach us to contribute (or for a tour or help with your own life). To reach our coordinate, say the following suggestions when you are prepared or before going to sleep:

  • I now create the ideal at the level at which creation takes place.
  • I now create the ideal life and reality at the level at which creation takes place.
  • I now create the ideal life and reality in union with others of like-mind at the level at which creation takes place.
  • I now arrive at the inner UN and in a paradise world where creation takes place.
  • I will become lucid in this world and I will remember and record where I was when I awaken.


You can also just focus on “The Inner UN” and enter that way.


The United Nations world headquarters is in Geneva Switzerland. Many agree that Switzerland is one of the most dramatic and beautiful natural locations in the world today.

You can view the UN tour here.

Watching this video can be helpful because it gives a presentation similar to what you can expect if you are successful in reaching us at the level at which creation takes place.

The UN began as a collective dream of unity and peace between nations. People who were visionaries then acted on their vision and created the UN we have now.

We are doing the same thing. However, because we understand Internal Science, we know that nothing is actually created here in our physical world. All creation takes place on inner levels first, and then is acted upon to be built or manifest physically.

There is an inner framework of existence where work is done that makes the physical world appear as it does. Work must constantly be done here or we wouldn’t have a tomorrow, continents or cities. This is where the real work of creation is done.

Events do not just happen to you, you create them on inner levels first.

We are not constructing physical buildings. This is a greater and longer-lasting venture than drawing up architect’s plans, buying property in Switzerland and mixing cement to build a city and new UN.

We are doing the work of creating an advanced world, complete with cities and natural environments of incredible beauty.

All the known cities of earth exist here in their most beautiful form. I like to visit Athens Greece where huge white temples glisten in the sun, and exotic animals roam among the beautiful people and gardens of fantastic, colorful diversity.

If you can imagine it, do so, and it will exist here. Imagine the energy of creation exploding into whatever beautiful scene you imagine, and believe that it is being created when you do so. It will then exist.


Volunteers of Earth


William Eastwood presents Nicola Tesla and the inner UN
Nicola Tesla

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

Nikola Tesla, inventor of alternating current that illuminated the globe.


An inner consortium

We are coordinating the focus of the world in a new way that has never been done before. This is where real work to solve world problems is done.

What we do here is to coordinate and unify our collective thinking to solve world problems more effectively. In other words, we get the consciousness of the world focused on the solution to specific world problems — specifically current issues that involve people who need help. Instead of having many people focused on the news (what is wrong), for example, we get people focused on the solution. And what that really does is directly impact those situations on inner levels where creation takes place, and in doing so instigates actions on a physical level. This is a more effective way to solve world problems. It is a method based on new science.

This influence is through inner pathways rather than physical roads and communications. This process we encourage you to join automatically advances, fosters, promotes, sows, rouses, activates, stimulates, quickens, vitalizes, sets in motion, ferments, raises and stirs awareness of solutions that then rise up through the collective subconscious mind to awareness in all those upon the face of the planet connected to the issues we are working on. A person in Ukraine, for example, may have an urge or intuition to follow a certain course of action as a result of their inner participation even though most people are not aware of their inner activities. As in an example in Ukraine: An aid worker may feel an urge to bring food to a certain location and at the same time a hungry person may feel and urge to go to that same location.

We are working at the source of intuition, at a level where creation takes place. We are intuitively motivating action that is inherently coordinated on inner levels.

Our work can influence seemingly small events to help individual people in crisis as well as incredibly significant actions that can have a major impact on world events.

This work, for example, could potentially sway the inclinations of Putin’s generals so that they do not launch weapons of mass destruction. It is work that is an inner influence for positive change. It is a unifying principle. It is action on a physical level that reflects what is already happening on inner levels. It is a huge rectifying potential that has been neglected. Our civilization is disorganized and negatively focused because we have not been using this potential. It is as if the “mind of the world” is depressed and focused on what is wrong and not working and this is why problems get worse. We need to take control by coordinating our collective consciousness on the solutions we need.

Use your intent to help me bring this project to the next level. I rely on you and everyone participating and will make improvements to these pages as I have the time to do so.


Current focus


The altruistic outreach on an inner level has a focus that reflects the current needs of the world:

  1. Visualize gas supplies and energy resources reaching Ukraine.
  2. See Ukrainians warm and comfortable and Putin disappearing.
  3. See Putin’s generals failing and U.S. and Ukrainian generals succeeding.
  4. Visualize effective action and education to save democracy on two levels.
  5. Visualize food arriving everywhere it is needed, including Ukraine’s grain.
  6. Visualize all wars ending and Ukraine becoming a prosperous country.
  7. Imagine Nobel Prize winning politicians reversing climate change.
  8. Imagine aid and food arriving in Pakistan, dry land and a vibrant nation.
  9. Send telepathic messages to Putin’s inner circle to break with him and especially any order to launch nuclear weapons.
  10. See Russians laying down their arms and refusing to fight for Putin and kill for no reason.


Visualize these goals achieved.



Imagine a flow of combined omnipotent energy igniting a greater explosion of energy in the form of bright white light from the source of the universe exploding into the scenes you visualized.


Tell yourself you will meet us in the dream state.

See a university in a beautiful city where we are discussing what can be done in these areas.





We are solving world problems and helping people achieve their goals

There are two views of reality. Most of the world goes by one and we go by another. If you want help or advice based on the mainstream worldview, it is everywhere. But if you want something different that works, keep reading. If you want a science and way of thinking that will not result in division, school shootings, and personal struggle, you have come to the right place.

Two views of reality

One view says you cannot be trusted, the other says you can.

One view — Internal Science (our term) also called the holographic theory of consciousness — is largely derived from Einstein’s friend, David Bohm, and the other is mainstream physicalism. The two conflict, and all contemporary sciences are based on physicalism.

As long as “the scientific authority” does not even consider Internal Science, there is a need for people to do so on their own. It is the only way we will solve world problems, advance ourselves personally and succeed as a civilization.

People do not yet know that their thinking is based on myth, and if you want to upset someone, you will likely do so if you challenge their worldview.

You can help others by introducing them to The Inner UN. But do not necessarily look to others for validation. Respect the opinions of others, but trust your own judgment.

People have the right to choose what they want to believe, and so you can accept a more accurate scientific worldview. No matter who you are or what your choices have been, you are basically good and you can trust yourself and your integrity.

Poor choices rather than bad people cause the problems in the world today, and these poor choices are a result of faulty beliefs.


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Your power is in your worldview. Realize that when we are dealing with two different views of reality — and because the one being challenged is supported by the mainstream civilization itself — it is going to take more than one article to address objections from skeptics or even explain all the differences.


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Seeking an Investment in Humanity: A Vision and Plan to Solve World Problems

I am seeking resources to make my vision for humanity a reality.

Read more... (Go here if you want to contribute, invest or otherwise help.)

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“The many challenges facing humanity at this time — an overcrowded planet, climate change, war, food shortages, divisiveness, personal economic struggle, inflation, the pandemic, health issues, mental disorders and emotional suffering — are all a result of one thing.

“Everything people think and believe is projected into reality. Help us wake the world up and begin a new chapter in human history.”

— William Eastwood.



“I have a plan to save democracy and solve world problems. You’re it!”

— William Eastwood.



William Eastwood brings you this and five other free sites, world help, over one hundred free articles for people around the world, and over twenty books on how to realize our human potential and solve world problems. Money received will insure that the effort continues and expands further to reach more people and offer greater world help.


More can be done with your help!

I am seeking the money, resources, skills, and connections I need to make my vision for humanity a reality


Founded in 2000 by William Eastwood

In 2000, William Eastwood founded Earth Network of Altruistic, Autonomous Individuals, Inc., in Connecticut, USA (PDF: Proof of Inc). Since that time the corporation has been dissolved. We are seeking to form a nonprofit organization and need help, from small donations to an investor to implement a plan to save democracy and solve world problems.



“I have a plan to save democracy and to solve world problems, but I need help to implement it.”

— William Eastwood.


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World Help

Thoughts create matter presents - World Help and education outreach by Earth Network EN
World Help for everyone, everywhere.


Thoughts create matter presents the Inner UN The Inner UN.



A new science and practical life philosophy. William Eastwood Internal Science and International Philosophy: The poor will become rich and the hungry will feast.



You have an opportunity to…



Thoughts create matter presents your opportunity to help create a great civilization.
Your opportunity to help create a great civilization.


Alternate donate path.




Get help and give help on an inner level of reality.

The Inner UN



An introduction to the nature and purpose of the Inner UN is given in the book below. It explains how world problems can be solved based on internal science, the holographic theory of consciousness and international philosophy. The book is not required for any reason but can be helpful and thus is an exception to the “no advertising rule” that applies to this site.




45 45-years of research goes into every publication


Thoughts can and do create matter reality How to change your world

Thoughts can and do create matter reality how to change your life world


How to Change Your World


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